KC Chiefs Rumors: Reggie Wayne Still A Free Agent


KC Chiefs rumors continue to float around concerning the NFL free agent market. Lately, the name in discussion is Reggie Wayne, formerly of the Indianapolis Colts.

Free agent wide receiver Reggie Wayne says he’s not done playing football, according to ESPN’s Mike Wells, and the Kansas City Chiefs need a second proven pass catcher to pair with Jeremy Maclin (and Travis Kelce).

While it feels destined that Wayne will decide to ride into the sun with a Drew Brees, Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers-type of quarterback, the KC Chiefs have a solid pitch of their own should Reggie Wayne choose to listen.

Pro Football Focus’ Mike Clay, via his Twitter account, includes the Chiefs as a solid fit for Wayne:

Let’s assume playing for a contender is a priority for Wayne. That eliminates the Falcons, 49ers and Bucs from Clay’s list. Let’s also add the Packers, Patriots and Texans to his list, this according to Dave Furst of WRTV-6 in Indianapolis.

So there’s definitely a market there for Wayne.

Wayne, the 36-year-old University of Miami product, wants to come back for one of two reasons, if you ask me. One, he wants to win. Two, he wants to catch at least 33 more passes and retire with the second most receptions ever by a wide receiver. (If he catches 33 or more passes this season, he’ll pass, in order, Terrell Owens, Tim Brown, Cris Carter and, finally, longtime running-mate Marvin Harrison.)

If he’s looking to join a solid locker room and a playoff-caliber defense keeping him on the field, he may just sign up with the Chiefs.

More likely is that it’s a combination of these reasons. He’s a 14-year veteran and he’s played on a lot of winning teams. Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck don’t hurt, but Wayne is a competitor and a winner, regardless.

The Kansas City Chiefs could fit his criteria.

Despite attempting just 493 passes as a team last season (the fifth fewest in the league), the KC Chiefs offense might not be a negative in Wayne’s eyes. He’s an old guy and he’s a possession receiver now with some of the silkiest hands in NFL history; maybe he doesn’t want to join an offense that’s expecting him to catch 100 passes, run seam routes for 16 weeks and, ultimately, take a beating.

The Chiefs provide a structured, methodical run-first offense. Routes are short, timed and require good hands. Andy Reid is known to run a complex offense, and it’s one best-suited for a veteran. Wayne is as sure-handed as it gets and Alex Smith, for better or for worse, likes sure things when he’s throwing the football.

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Wayne’s an old dude by NFL standards. His signing wouldn’t change the face of the Chiefs’ offense and wouldn’t guarantee anything, but he’s a Pro’s pro and he can still compete. If he’s looking to join a solid locker room and a playoff-caliber defense keeping him on the field, he may just sign up with the Chiefs.

The Chiefs have options at the second wide receiver position, Chris Conley and Jason Avant come to mind. I don’t think we are as desperate as the depth chart might appear. But, there certainly is no sure-fire answer there, and Wayne could provide an immediate upgrade for a team coming off a 9-7 season.

Wayne’s 1,070 career receptions rank seventh all-time (sixth among receivers). His 14,345 receiving yards rank 8th all-time and a 600-yard season in 2015 would move him past Marvin Harrison and Tim Brown.

Should the KC Chiefs attempt to sign Reggie Wayne?

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