KC Royals All-Time Franchise Leaders In Triples

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1985 World Series ring worn by Kansas City Royals former player George Brett

1985 World Series ring worn by Kansas City Royals former player George Brett (Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images)

For 45 years, the KC Royals have never been much of a home run hitting team. Since 1969, the Kansas City Royals have the fewest home runs of any Major League franchise, not counting the four teams included in the expansion during the 1990’s.

In fact, even the Blue Jays and Mariners, who both joined the major leagues in 1977 are far ahead of the Royals in home runs. Kansas City has 5,474 home runs, Toronto has 6,183 (16th since 1969), and Seattle has 5,778 (22nd). (All stats courtesy of Fangraphs.)

Did you know, though, that the KC Royals lead the majors in triples since 1969? By a comfortable margin. Kansas City has hit 1,960 triples in their history. The next highest total belongs to the Pirates, with 1,831.

Since 1969, the top two triples hitters in all of major league baseball played most of their careers in for the KC Royals. These two players would rank 1-2, even if you didn’t count any triples they hit in other uniforms.

Can you guess who they are?

A big field, a fast turf (for many seasons), and some really good (fast) players helped this franchise become the best at hitting triples in the majors. While the Royals have not been impressive hitting the longs balls, they have been outstanding over the course of their history at legging out the triples.

This list is rather straight forward. Although the original plan was to list the top 15 triples hitters in Kansas City Royals history, the number has grown to 17, as three players just happen to be tied for 15th.

Only triples hit for the KC Royals will count in these rankings.

(Note: Updated 2/6/2017)

Without further ado, here are the top triples hitters in Kansas City Royals franchise history.

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