KC Chiefs: Five Worst Starting Quarterbacks In Team History

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Mandatory Credit: John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

The KC Chiefs might be led by a decent quarterback right now in Alex Smith, but it wasn’t always like that for Chiefs Kingdom. While some might disagree that Smith is a decent quarterback, the Chiefs have had some pretty awful guys starting under center over the team’s 55 year history, and that in itself should make fans appreciate Smith more.

I thought it’d be a fun stroll down memory lane if I ranked the five worst quarterbacks in Kansas City Chiefs history. Why? Well, because sometimes reliving the awful past of your team makes the prevailing that much sweeter. Take our beloved Kansas City Royals for example. Fans sat through some horrible times before finally relishing in the team’s postseason success last year.

Sure the Chiefs haven’t rounded that corner yet (hell they haven’t even won a playoff game since I was three years old), but I think we can all agree they’re almost there. Hopefully.

Now I’ll level with you here. I’m only 24 so this list will consist of a lot of guys who started for the KC Chiefs in recent years. It’s hard to really appreciate how bad a player is when you weren’t even alive when the dude played.

Okay, let’s do this! Prepare to cry legitimate tears of sadness and/or anger.

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