KC Chiefs: Games Played by Drafted Chiefs Quarterbacks

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(Photo by David Eulitt/Kansas City Star/MCT via Getty Images)

*Editor’s Note* – This article was originally published in April 2017, but was updated after the Kansas City Chiefs selected Patrick Mahomes with the tenth overall pick.

The KC Chiefs haven’t had much luck when it comes to drafting a quarterback. They selected Patrick Mahomes in the first round of the 2017 NFL Draft, but before that hadn’t drafted one in the first round since 1983.

Chiefs Kingdom waited patiently for the day when the Kansas City Chiefs draft a quarterback in the first round and it finally happened in the 2017 NFL Draft when the team selected Patrick Mahomes with the tenth overall pick. The Chiefs traded up 17 spots to nab the Texas Tech star.

Chiefs fans are still waiting for a drafted quarterback to go on and be the answer for the organization. That hasn’t happened for this franchise… Well, ever. Hopefully Mahomes bucks that trend.

What we’re going to do in this article is list all of the quarterbacks drafted by the Chiefs over franchise’s existence and have them listed from the least amount of games played in to the most amount of games played in. The only requirement is that the guy had to be drafted by the organization and played in at least ONE game for the Chiefs.

These didn’t have to be guys who started. All they had to do was appear in one game to be eligible for this list.

If I included guys who didn’t appear in any games, that’d literally mean I was discussing every single quarterback ever drafted by the organization. Ain’t nobody got time for that (though I’m sure it wouldn’t be a long list).

Since a lot of these guys don’t have photos in our database, I decided to use comical photos of bad Chiefs quarterbacks over the years, which somehow took more time than I thought it would. Totally worth it though. It really sets the tone for this article. You should also play this in the background to help you really get into the article.

So… Let’s start this depressing tale with the two quarterbacks who only appeared in one game after being drafted by the Kansas City Chiefs.

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