KC Royals: Fan Makes Music Video Parody Of Song All Star


The KC Royals are dominating the 2015 All-Star Game balloting and Royals fans are embracing the attention.

The Kansas City Royals fans are the absolute best. After decades of having their hearts ripped out, and their souls plundered by poor decision-making and restricted budgets, the fans are making a statement.

Whether you agree with the process or not, the KC Royals fans are going to be heard.

The good folks who love the Kansas City Royals are finding new and better ways to get their message across.

Posted early this morning on Fox4KC.com, this parody youtube video, set to the tune of Smashmouth’s All Star, is an absolute gem. It is funny and irreverent, and it is terrific.

Kudos to Royals fan Dane Callstrom for his incredible creativity.

The Royals currently have seven players who would start the 2015 MLB All-Star Game if the voting ended today, according to MLB.com.

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Omar Infante at second base, and Alex Rios in the outfield, are the next in line in voting at their positions. This doesn’t even count the fact that Wade Davis should be a shoo-in as a pitcher.

Some players around the league are not very enamored of the success of the Royals players in the balloting process. Detroit Tigers ace David Price tweeted this yesterday.

Price and others can complain about the system but that same system has allowed other players who were not deserving make the team. Last year, Derek Jeter was voted in as a starter despite only hitting .272 in the first half, with two home runs and 25 Runs Batted In.

Did Jeter deserve to be a starter?  Absolutely not! There is little doubt Jeter would have been selected by the league and manager because of his contribution to the game as a sub. The fans wanted to see Jeter start, so they voted him in. There is nothing wrong with fans voting for the favorite players.

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Royals fans are just making themselves heard around baseball. After years of not having many true All-Star candidates, this fanbase has plenty of likable, good ball players to like and support.

Their improbable run through the playoffs last season entrenched this team in the hearts of long-suffering Royals followers everywhere. This is one of the ways for fans to really show their love and support.

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Callstrom’s riotous video just shows how passionate Royals fans are for the team right now. Those same fans are showing up for games, averaging over 32,000 fans a home game in a stadium that holds less than 39,000, according to ESPN.

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Hat’s off to Dane Callstrom and all Royals fans who are voting for their favorite hometown heroes. It will be interesting to see how many of our Kansas City Royals will eventually make the team

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