KC Royals: Ten Facts All Royals Fans Should Know

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Kansas City Royals former player George Brett – Credit: John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas City Royals gained a whole new generation of fans last fall during the 2014 World Series. There might be some interesting things these new fans might not know about their team.

The Kansas City Royals began play in the 1969 season, so they are relative newcomers to the world of Major League Baseball. Only six franchises are newer. Still, the Royals have made their mark on baseball through the years.

Sometimes, it wasn’t always positive.

Early in the existence, especially the first twenty seasons or so, the Kansas City Royals were a very successful team. That they were an expansion team made some of their early accomplishments even more impressive.

While the Royals went through a very long stretch of time without much success, this franchise has a proud history and has seen many fine players grace the roster.

As with any team in any sport, there are several interesting tidbits, both positive and negative, about the KC Royals that all casual and diehard fans should know. Some can be shared in pride, others maybe not so much. Still, they are a part of our team, and as fans, we should know certain things.

(UPDATED – MAY 2017)

10) No-Nos

The Kansas City Royals have had four no-hitters since they began play. Three of these came with in the first nine years of the team’s existence, and those three came within a five-season window.

There have been 295 no-hitters in Major League Baseball history.  Conversely, the Royals have only been no-hit twice.

The Royals’ no-hitters were produced by three pitchers:

Did You Know?

The Royals are due another. There have been 57 no-hitters since Saberhagen’s gem nearly 25 years ago. Hideo Nomo, Mark Buehrle, Justin Verlander, Homer Bailey, and Tim Lincecum have watch thrown two since the Royals’ last no-no.

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