KC Royals: Omar Infante Should Not Be An All-Star


The KC Royals have a wonderful fan base and that’s become known nation wide in the past few weeks amidst the All-Star Game voting. With the ability to vote 35 times a day from ONE email, Kansas City Royals fans have done their part so far in voting to get their beloved boys in blue to the big game in July.

In fact, Royals fans have almost done TOO well of a job. Why do I say that you ask? Well because Omar Infante is currently in second place among the second basemen in the American League, and that should not be happening. Infante is having a terrible season so far and putting him in the All-Star game is making a mockery of the whole situation.

Not only that, but this actually HURTS the Royals in the long run. If Infante does indeed get to play in the All-Star game, he is a part of a team that will decide who gets home field advantage during the World Series.

While cases could be made for the rest of the team being deserving of starting (or at least playing), Infante and Alex Rios should be nowhere near the top. I like Rios and I’m glad he’s a Royal, but the dude missed over a month of the season due to an injury. Yes, he was playing well before the injury, but missing a month is crucial and he should not be an All-Star this year.

As of right now, seven of the KC Royals would be starting in the All-Star Game next month. Those guys are Salvador Perez, Eric Hosmer, Mike Moustakas, Alex Gordon, Lorenzo Cain, and Kendrys Morales. Like I said before, cases could be made for these guys to start in the game, but out of all of them, I’d say only Perez and maybe Cain are deserving of starting. The rest could just be fill-ins.

Please stop voting for Omar Infante and Alex Rios. Jose Altuve and Mike Trout are much more deserving.

With the way the Kansas City Royals were playing the past few weeks, you have to admire the way fans have stuck by them. It’d be easy for some of the bandwagon fans to bail since it appears they’re unaware how long of a season it is, but people haven’t lost hope and have stuck by the Royals, and that’s cool to see.

What’s not cool is voting guys into the All-Star Game who certainly don’t deserve to be there. Please stop voting for Omar Infante and Alex Rios. Jose Altuve and Mike Trout are much more deserving.

If you want the Royals to be in the World Series and want to see them hoisting that trophy at Kauffman Stadium in October, do your part and make sure the American League team is as good as possible. Having it be all Kansas City Royals is not doing that.

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