2015 NFL Draft: Will KC Chiefs Trade Up In First Round


The 2015 NFL Draft begins on Thursday evening at 7:00 PM central time, and the KC Chiefs currently hold the 18th overall pick after going 9-7 in 2014. The 18th spot is kind of a tricky one because all of the “top prospects” are gone and you’re just kind of hanging out, waiting to see who the best player available is.

This begs the question… Will the Kansas City Chiefs decide to trade up in the first round and draft a position they desperately need?

I personally don’t see the team trading up because that’s just not John Dorsey‘s forte. He doesn’t have a history of doing that, even during his Green Bay Packers days, so I see it as an unlikely scenario.

I’m sure several disagree with me, which isn’t a rare thing by any means. Peter King of Sports Illustrated is one of those who disagrees. King has the KC Chiefs jumping to the 15th spot to draft DeVante Parker, a wide receiver out of Louisville. Jumping to 15th would mean the Chiefs have once again communicated with the San Francisco 49ers, and given them another draft pick in the process (cough Alex Smith cough).

Here is what King had to say about his trade scenario,

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"*Kansas City trades fourth-round (118th overall) and seventh-round (233rd overall) picks to San Francisco move from 18 to 15 in round one.I would be surprised if Parker is still hanging around at this pick, but if he is, I think Chiefs GM John Dorsey would jump at the chance to grab him—especially ahead of Houston, which wants a receiver high in this draft. I might argue that no contending team has as big a single position need as Kansas City at wide receiver. No Chiefs wideout caught a touchdown pass last year, and now Dwayne Bowe has been let go (to Cleveland). The 6-2 ½ Parker’s a perfect pick for Dorsey and Andy Reid. Dark-horse pick here that would not surprise me one bit: Florida offensive lineman Cam Ervin."

While wide receiver is certainly a need for this team, I don’t know if it’s worth jumping up three picks when there are other positions that need to be addressed (offensive line, secondary, etc). Also, the wide receiver draft class this year is pretty deep. There will still be solid guys on the board in the second round.

I feel like if the KC Chiefs are going to trade up, they should try to trade FAR up to get a guy like Brandon Scherff, who would immediately fill a need along the offensive line. Offensive line is more of a need for this team than wide receiver in my opinion. In order for the wide receivers to get the ball thrown to them, Alex Smith needs time to throw, hence the offensive line.

It’s frustrating at times trying to predict what Dorsey and company will do come draft day because you just never know. Dorsey was quoted in USA Today saying he thought there were 12 impact players in this year’s draft. Well, the Chiefs sit at pick 18 so unless they trade up, Kansas City might not be landing one of those “impact players” (assuming they don’t slide).

"“You try to keep all your options open,” Dorsey said. “The hard part is when you move up, are you making the right move up? Or if you move back? Those are the things you sit and think about on a daily basis. When is the time to strategically take the player, move back or move up?”– Courtesy of USA Today"

One thing’s for sure, you never know what to expect when it comes to the NFL Draft in Kansas City. I thought for sure that the Chiefs would take a wide receiver in round one of last year’s draft and they took Dee Ford.


So, yeah. Expect the unexpected when the Kansas City Chiefs are on the clock on Thursday night.

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