Why The Chiefs Should Draft Wide Receiver Christian Watson

Delaware linebacker Matt Palmer moves in as North Dakota State's Christian Watson pulls in a passUd V North Dakota
Delaware linebacker Matt Palmer moves in as North Dakota State's Christian Watson pulls in a passUd V North Dakota /

The Kansas City Chiefs are in dire need of a wide receiver and Christian Watson is that plus has the potential to be a superstar. Watson is an incredible talent and would be a perfect fit for the Chiefs.

Christian Watson is a two star recruit out of Tampa Florida that got an offer and literally ran with it! Dating back to his high school days (via MaxPreps)

Watson was only a two year player Moving into his college days, He chose to sign with North Dakota State and never looked back.

Christian Watson is one of the overlooked talents that’s going to slide in the NFL draft merely because he played in the Missouri Valley Conference and never got the respect he deserved. A 6 ‘2” player coming out of high school, Christian Watson managed to continue growing into his college football days managing an extra couple inches.

Watson was a raw and under-achieved player who no one had on their radar. Now having shown out during his college career and got his exposure in the Reese’s Senior Bowl, Watson may find himself drafted in the early rounds.

Christian Watson is a four year senior out of North Dakota State University. During his time as a Bison, he played in fifty two games, here are Watsons career numbers:

  • Receiving: 105 rec, 2140 yds, 14 TDs

  • Rushing: 49 att, 392 yds, 2 Tds

  • Kick Return: 26 att, 686 yds, 2 TDs

While most stats show a major portion of what a player can or has has accomplished, Watsons numbers don’t do a bit of justice as to the caliber of player he is.

Christian Watson is a player that can do anything and everything that you ask him to do. A former track and field athlete in high school, one can only conclude that surely the guy has speed. Well you’re not wrong, Watson has wheels.

The tape on Christian Watson is incredible. This is an athlete and that is putting it mildly. Watson is your next Deebo Samuel but add a few  inches.

Watsons tape shows you all he is capable of and capable of becoming. This is a wide receiver who can do it all. During his time at NDSU, Watson was either taking a hand off out of the back field or making defenders look silly in the secondary. Watson shows the ability to run routes and use his outstanding footwork off the line of scrimmage to get going and add extra steps before defenders know what’s happening.

Watson runs crisp routes but nothing that can’t use some fine tuning from the professional experts on an NFL staff to perfect his craft. He is able to locate the football out of his route and bring them in with defenders closing in.

With a solid 6’ 4” 211 lbs. frame, Watson isn’t one to shy away from contact. While hauling in receptions or taking a handoff out of the backfield, Watson is not afraid to use his body size to punish defenders. He is able to take the foot ball and turn up field for extra yards.

Knowing a majority of being a receiver is the ability to track the football and bring it in, Christian Watson has shown his blocking abilities as well. He knows what it takes to be a team player and the willingness to block for his team is a trait that often gets over looked on players.

This is the type of player that could plug right into the Chiefs offense and make an impact on day one. the combination of all Watsons attributes makes for an exciting offensive weapon for Andy Reid to scheme with. Taking some of the heat away from players like Travis Kelce and Tyreek Hill would open way more opportunities for players on offense and make defenders have to key on more than the two key play makers.

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