KC Chiefs: The Biggest Need In The 2015 NFL Draft


There’s a singular, glaring, overwhelmingly obvious need the KC Chiefs must address in the upcoming 2015 NFL Draft which begins Thursday, April 30th, and continues through Saturday, May 2nd.

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It’s easily the biggest hole on the team. If we don’t fill this need we could be in serious trouble not only next season, but for years to come. If for some reason we don’t pick this player we effectively weaken the quality of our roster.

This guy is a beast too. He’s tough, smart, fiery, a real prototype. Oh, and he happens to fill that blatant need the KC Chiefs have entering the draft. It’s a perfect fit.

The only need the Kansas Chiefs have in the 2015 NFL Draft is to select the best player available. Every time. Period.

You’ve definitely heard of him. He’s been debated for the past eleven months and he’s got a solid NFL future ahead of him. He might even help the 2015 Chiefs team, but he might also take a year or two to find a role.

Enough talking though. So who is the guy? What’s this so-called glaring need the Chiefs must fill during the NFL Draft?

His name: the Best Player Available.

I love a good cliché, but this time it actually holds true and therein lies the catch. I don’t actually know which player it is. I don’t know what position he plays or where he went to school (yet). All I know for sure is that he’s the best football player available when the KC Chiefs select.

Here’s the point: The only need the KC Chiefs have in the 2015 NFL Draft is to select the best player available.  Every time. Period.

We say all the time the Chiefs need this position in the draft, the Chiefs need that position in the draft, the Chiefs need, need, need. Fill needs through the draft. Seems obvious, but it’s a fallacy. Draft picks aren’t quick fixes; free agents are quick fixes.

The draft game is about adding the best talent, not filling needs.

For example, when you already have Donald Driver, Greg Jennings, James Jones and Jordy Nelson and you’ve just won Super Bowl XLV (I’m talking the 2010 Green Bay Packers team), surely you don’t draft a wide receiver right? No need. am I right?

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Not unless Randall Cobb is available in the second round and he’s the best, highest-graded player available, then you do.

Or in 2005, the Packers coming off a 10-6 NFC North Division Championship behind a Hall Of Fame quarterback in Brett Favre, there’s no need for Aaron Rodgers in the first round right? No way. they already have a quarterback. Well, not unless (current Chiefs GM) John Dorsey is your Director of College Scouting and Rodgers is correctly identified as the best player available, then you do.

That is winning the draft game – and that is the only need the Chiefs must address.

So don’t be surprised when the Chiefs already have Jamaal Charles and Knile Davis and we select Wisconsin running back Melvin Gordon III. Or when we already have Dontari Poe and we select Florida State nose tackle Eddie Goldman. It’s all part of the plan to build the most talented roster possible and it starts with taking the best football player available.

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