2017 NFL Draft Kansas City Chiefs Scouting Report: Dede Westbrook

Kansas City Chiefs draft prospect Dede Westbrook. Mandatory Credit: Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports
Kansas City Chiefs draft prospect Dede Westbrook. Mandatory Credit: Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports /

The Kansas City Chiefs passing attack has some young talent, but adding more is never a bad idea. Dede Westbrook of Oklahoma could be a good target.

Nobody would claim that the Kansas City Chiefs had a good passing attack in 2016. However, when you look at the roster, there is plenty of young talent and potential there. That doesn’t mean the Chiefs won’t be looking to add more though. Dede Westbrook of Oklahoma seems like he might be a good fit in the KC offense.

Jeremy Maclin is firmly entrenched as the Chiefs primary receiver. However, beyond that there is some uncertainty. Tyreek Hill was the second best receiver in KC last year, despite being a rookie switching from running back. That, plus Andy Reid’s comments, leads me to believe he will be the #2 receiver this season.

That brings us to Chris Conley and Albert Wilson. Both young receivers are talented and have potential. However, both might be best served as depth players, meaning they will constantly fight for their roster spots. Behind them, Demarcus Robinson is a complete unknown. That leaves room for at least one receiver to make the roster…if we don’t include a current receiver getting beaten out.

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This year’s draft class isn’t particularly strong at wide receiver. That means a team may have to really do their homework to find a quality player at the position later in the draft. However, it does seem like a lesser known receiver always manages to catch on in the NFL. Hopefully the Chiefs can find one this year.

Dede Westbrook – WR – Oklahoma

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Had it not been for the discovery of domestic violence accusations from 2013, Dede Westbrook would be a borderline first round pick. However, the complaints (two of them) have hurt his draft stock a lot. On the field though, Westbrook was easily one of the best players in college football last year.

Dede Westbrook is a natural runner with solid long speed and excellent short area quickness. Smooth and sudden in and out of his cuts to create instant separation. He has great hand-eye coordination and tracks the ball well in the air. Big play threat who can catch the ball and make things happen at every level in the passing game.

The biggest football negative on Dede Westbrook is that he has a very lean frame. Analysts question how well he would be able to stand up to a full season of NFL contact. Tape shows he can be pinned to the sideline and pushed around on contested passes. Domestic violence charges will give many teams pause.

It needs to be pointed out that though accusations were made in 2012 and 2013, there is no conviction in either case. However, Dede Westbrook has seemed to acknowledge the events, stating that he’s moved on from that. With the Chiefs taking Tyreek Hill last year, I don’t think they test the domestic violence waters twice…but there is a chance.

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Churning the roster has been a consistent process for the Kansas City Chiefs. Continuing to do so at wide receiver should help the team develop more talent. If the Chiefs can find a solid third and fourth receiver to put on the field, they will be a very dangerous offense.