2017 NFL Draft Kansas City Chiefs Scouting Report: Damore’ea Stringfellow

Kansas City Chiefs draft prospect Damore'ea Stringfellow. Mandatory Credit: Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports
Kansas City Chiefs draft prospect Damore'ea Stringfellow. Mandatory Credit: Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports /

Many analysts have the Kansas City Chiefs taking a wide receiver in the upcoming draft. Damore’ea Stringfellow could be a good mid round value.

There is no denying that the Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver corps under-performed in 2016. You can assign blame to anyone you want, but the lack of production does fall on the receivers themselves at some point. Damore’ea Stringfellow of Ole Miss could be a solid addition to the Chiefs depth chart.

The Kansas City Chiefs will likely go with Jeremy Maclin and Tyreek Hill as their top two receivers in the 2017 season. However, the rest of the receiving corps isn’t set. The Chiefs should absolutely be looking to add talent to the position.

That doesn’t mean the group is without talent. Both Chris Conley and Albert Wilson have demonstrated the ability to be effective receiving threats. Demarcus Robinson also has a lot of potential. There is a good bit of potential for the Chiefs offense to work with. However, you can always use more.

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This year’s draft class features an interesting mix of talent. There are a number of players who can be had in the middle and late rounds that may be able to provide a boost to a team’s offense. I fully expect the Chiefs will try to take advantage of that and get some more talent into the mix.

Damore’ea Stringfellow – WR – Ole Miss

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Some players never live up to their potential, and that is the case with Demore’ea Stringfellow’s college career. The once-heralded receiver has had issues with the law and his coaches that set back his development. When given a chance. he’s played well. However, there are real concerns about character here.

Damore’ea Stringfellow is a big receiver who understands how to use his body to gain an advantage. Sees the ball very well coming out of the quarterback’s hand. Big play threat who excels in the deep passing game. Stringellow shows good timing in his routes and in high-pointing the football.

There are questions with Damore’ea Stringfellow are about his overall athleticism. He doesn’t show the best long speed or quickness on tape. However, it is to be noted that he performed well in his Pro Day. However, the biggest questions on Stringfellow are in regards to his work ethic and personal character.

When watching Demore’ea Stringfellow play, I can see why many fans would want him on the roster. However, I don’t know that he fits what the Chiefs do on offense. He is a talented receiver, but doesn’t seem to have the catch and run skills that John Dorsey and Andy Reid look for.

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Adding some talent to the wide receiver depth chart isn’t a bad idea for the Kansas City Chiefs. The best way to develop talent and improve the roster is through competition. Grabbing a player with a lot of potential in the middle rounds is a sound strategy to pursue that route.