2017 NFL Draft Kansas City Chiefs Scouting Report: Billy Brown

Kansas City Chiefs draftprospect Billy Brown. Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports
Kansas City Chiefs draftprospect Billy Brown. Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports /

The Kansas City Chiefs have a superstar tight end in Travis Kelce, but the depth chart could use some help. Billy Brown of Shepherd University could fit there.

It’s easy to get caught up in the fact that the Kansas City Chiefs have Travis Kelce at the tight end position. Kelce is a superstar, and maybe the best in the league at his position. However, the rest of the tight ends on the roster leave something to be desired. Billy Brown of Shepherd University may be someone that can provide a boost to the position.

The Chiefs have shown that they know something needs to happen at tight end. Already this offseason, the team has added former Cowboys tight end Gavin Escobar. However, that is unlikely to be the kind of move that makes the changes that KC needs.

Many fans place the fault at the feet of Demetrius Harris. While Harris is certainly worthy of some criticism, it can’t be ignored that he was also a big piece of some major plays…including “Bloated Tim Tebow”. However, the same cannot be said of James O’Shaughnessy and Ross Travis. Neither player contributed to the offense at all.

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The Chiefs need a reliable receiver who can also provide some decent blocking at the line of scrimmage. Having another tight end who can be relied upon opens up a lot of options for the Kansas City offense. This added wrinkle will help make the Chiefs other offensive weapons even more dangerous.

Billy Brown – TE – Shepherd

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You may not have heard of Billy Brown because he went to such a small school. However, the big wide receiver was one of the most productive players in all of college football. He is still working as a wide receiver, but it seems to be a universal given that he’ll play tight end at the pro level.

Billy Brown is a large receiver who knows how to use his size, and will be a mismatch against safeties. Utilizes his frame to shield the ball away from the defender. Excellent hands, with long arms and quality strength to win contested catches. Moves well for his size and controls his body.

It’s tough to judge the negatives on Billy Brown as a tight end prospect due to his playing wide receiver at a small school. However, he doesn’t have the speed of many “move” tight ends. Brown has shown blocking skills for a receiver, but has no experience working on the line of scrimmage. He will be a project to some degree for whatever team gets him.

There is no telling what the ceiling is on Billy Brown. He is a very interesting prospect, and his receiving skills make it likely he can contribute early. Brown will need to be coached up on blocking and the tight end route tree. However, the Chiefs work with Demetrius Harris shows that they can develop talent.

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The Kansas City Chiefs have to get some more production out of the tight end position. At the very least, that means bringing in competition to help push the players already in house. Billy Brown could certainly provide an early push.