2017 NFL Draft Kansas City Chiefs Scouting Report: Eddie Vanderdoes

Kansas City Chiefs draft prospect Eddie Vanderdoes. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports
Kansas City Chiefs draft prospect Eddie Vanderdoes. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports /

The Kansas City Chiefs signed Bennie Logan to help the run defense, but a long-term answer is needed. Eddie Vanderdoes of UCLA could be that answer.

Opponents were able to move the ball on the ground against the Kansas City Chiefs in 2016. To help stop that, the Chiefs signed defensive tackle Bennie Logan to a one-year deal. However, they will need a long-term answer. A big man like Eddie Vanderdoes from UCLA could be the answer KC is looking for.

Having a big defensive tackle that can command double teams is essential to the 3-4 defense. It doesn’t matter what style of a 3-4 you play, at some point one of your linemen has to take up two blockers. That was something that the Chiefs weren’t able to do in 2016. While Dontari Poe was one of the best at getting into the backfield, he was no longer anchoring well against the run.

There are some who think the problem is with the interior linebackers. There is certainly some blame to put there, but the run defense starts up front. The Chiefs defensive line was unable to get an interior push, or lock up blockers. That allowed offensive linemen to get up to the second level and take out the linebackers. The answer has to come up front.

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For the 2017 season, the Chiefs have one of the best defensive anchors in the NFL in Bennie Logan. However, he is only under contract for one year. Kansas City has to look to the future, and the upcoming draft presents a few quality options. It’s unlikely that KC will find another Dontari Poe, but there are other ways to address the position.

Eddie Vanderdoes – DT – UCLA

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There was a time when Eddie Vanderdoes seemed like a lock as a first round pick. The big nose tackle was a Freshman All-American, and an Honorable Mention for All-American honors as a sophomore. However, a bad ACL injury cost him his 2015 season, and he spent last year trying to bounce back.

Big, strong, and athletic, Eddie Vanderdoes can be a force in the middle. Deceptive speed and quickness for a man his size. Has the strength to hold his ground against the run or provide a bull rush to get to the backfield. Shows solid technique and understanding of leverage. Vanderdoes shows a strong lower body to anchor against double teams.

The concerns on Eddie Vanderdoes stem from his ACL injury in 2015 and his recovery. There was hesitation in his play this past season, suggesting he doesn’t fully trust his ACL. On top of that, he has struggled with his weight since then. However, he did show up to the Combine in better shape than many had anticipated, having lost 40 lbs since the end of the season.

There is a very good chance that Eddie Vanderdoes becomes an excellent steal for a team in the middle rounds of this draft. He has the talent to be a starter for just about any team. Vanderdoes would be a great player to rotate in for Bennie Logan, and has the potential to be the long-term starter in KC.

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The Kansas City Chiefs have very few needs in this draft, which makes it a great time to plan for down the road. Adding a player like Eddie Vanderdoes could help the Chiefs in both the short and long-term. With his likely being a middle round pick, John Dorsey wouldn’t have anything to lose by grabbing him.