2017 NFL Draft Kansas City Chiefs Scouting Report: Larry Ogunjobi

Kansas City Chiefs draft prospect Larry Ogunjobi. Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports
Kansas City Chiefs draft prospect Larry Ogunjobi. Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports /

The Kansas City Chiefs made a big signing at defensive tackle, but Larry Ogunjobi could be a solid long-term option for the future.

It won’t be easy for the Kansas City Chiefs to replace Dontari Poe at nose tackle. However, the team has already taken a step in the direction by signing Bennie Logan to a one-year deal. That helps for now, but they need a long-term answer. Larry Ogunjobi of UNC Charlotte could very well be that answer.

In the 3-4 defense, a nose tackle is a key piece. Regardless of whether a team plays a 1-gap (like the Chiefs) or a 2-gap look, the nose tackle is still the centerpiece of everything. By putting just three men on the line of scrimmage, there is a requirement that at least one is able to command a double team. That player is usually the nose tackle.

Unfortunately, that was an aspect of Dontari Poe’s game that seemed to have diminish over the past two years. Whether that is from his back problems, heavy usage by the Chiefs, or a combination of the two, he clearly wasn’t the same player. So it made a lot of sense for John Dorsey to decide to not spend the money to retain Poe long-term.

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Bennie Logan should fill the role nicely. He has excelled at the position before, and is especially good at occupying blockers. However, the Chiefs cannot make the same mistake of relying on a big man as much as they did Poe. The team also needs a quality long-term answer. That makes drafting a defensive tackle early on a very wise investment.

Larry Ogunjobi – DT – UNC Charlotte

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All Larry Ogunjobi does is beat people down. There isn’t a ton of tape readily available on this young man, but what is out there is just freaking phenomenal. Yes, I know he plays at a lower level. Doesn’t matter. He looked like he could dominate at every level…and he took a step towards proving that at the Senior Bowl.

Powerfully built and in incredible shape for a 300+ lbs man. Shows excellent athleticism for his size. Noted work ethic that he brings to the field. Shows the ability to hold the line of scrimmage or charge into the backfield. Rarely over-matched and often requires a double team. Good speed for his size and can pursue to the outside.

The biggest knock on Larry Ogunjobi is that he didn’t face much top tier talent. He has shorter than desired arms which makes it tougher to fend off blockers. Currently listed at 305, so will need to add some weight to play the 3-4 nose tackle spot. Will tend to get excited and run himself out of a play.

A lot of folks will look at Ogunjobi’s weight and say he’s too small. Dead wrong. This is a guy who once weighed 350 lbs in high school before making some life changes. I cannot understate how impressed people were with his physique at the Combine. It was hard to believe you weren’t looking at a 275 lbs defensive end.

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The Kansas City Chiefs are in need of a long-term solution at defensive tackle with Dontari Poe gone. Larry Ogunjobi brings a ton of potential to the position. Given some time, and an NFL strength and conditioning program, he should be able to easily add the required weight to become that solution.