Royals Rumors: Royals Should Trade Wade Davis


In the most recent slew of Royals rumors, Wade Davis could be on his way to another team. The Kansas City Royals should strongly consider trading the lights out closer.

The 2016 season has been a disappointment for KC Royals fans.

To be fair, it’s hard to have a successful season after you’ve been to two straight World Series, winning the latter. This season has managed to disappoint in almost every aspect though, as the offense has been cold for almost the entire season and the starting rotation is a joke.

The not-so-secret weapon, the bullpen, can rarely even be used, as the team is usually down multiple runs by the middle of the game.

Even despite the terrible offense and rotation, the Royals somehow only sit one game under .500 right now. They’re eight games back in the American League Central and six games out of the second Wild Card spot, as of July 25th.

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With the odds of making the playoffs decreasing with each loss, the Royals really need to consider trading some pieces away and building for the future. While I’ve made it clear that I think the Royals should sell, sell, sell, I don’t mean guys like Eric Hosmer.

I would, however, be content with the Kansas City Royals sending Wade Davis to another team for a nice package of players.

Jeff Passan of Yahoo! Sports linked Davis being a possible trade target, stating,

"With Davis under contract the rest of this season and for just $10 million next season, the Royals bandied about a potential target, according to sources: Lucas Giolito.As in, arguably the best pitching prospect in baseball. If the Yankees are on the verge of getting a near-top 25 guy in Torres, plus more, for a maximum of three months’ action, a request for Giolito isn’t that crazy, right?"

With all that the Cubs gave up to acquire Aroldis Chapman, it’s not crazy for the Royals to consider trading Davis. Relievers, closers in particular, are what a lot of teams are looking for right now when it comes to trading.

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If a team in contention for the playoffs this year needs a lights out closer such as Wade Davis, then they might be willing to give up quite a bit to get him. Plus, Davis has a ten million dollar contract and would be under contract next season as well. It’s not the standard “rental” for whichever team would trade for him.

Davis has been clutch for the Kansas City Royals since joining them in 2013. They got him in a deal with the Tampa Bay Rays that sent him and James Shields to Kansas City for a handful of prospects (few of which are still with the Rays; Yeah, Royals definitely won that trade).

That being said, the Royals should consider pouncing on the opportunity to load up on prospects if teams are willing to unload. The Royals gave up five pitching prospects in two trades last year, and those trades did help the team win a World Series, but now the farm system is depleted. It’s time to stock it up again.

I feel like David Lesky of Baseball Prospectus summed it up nicely with this tweet regarding Davis.

It sure would.

We all love Wade Davis and what he’s been able to do as a reliever these past few seasons, but the Royals need to ultimately do what’s best for the future of the team. The 2016 Royals aren’t doing squat this year and they need to get something out of the players who could leave after 2017, especially the most replaceable ones.

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What do you think, Royals fans? Are you down with the Royals rumors of trading Wade Davis or do you think the team should keep him in a Royals uniform?