KC Royals: Jeremy Guthrie Will Remain Fan Favorite


The KC Royals are coming off their first World Series title in 30 years. Former starting pitcher Jeremy Guthrie was a large part of that.

It might seem weird that Jeremy Guthrie played a huge part in getting the Kansas City Royals their second World Series title in franchise history, but he did just that.

Guthrie, traded to Kansas City from the Colorado Rockies in exchange for Jonathan Sanchez, did everything the Royals needed him to do. He ate innings and provided a toughness on the field that set a good example for the younger players.

While not a big name, Guthrie had a decent 2012 season with the Royals, posting a 3.16 ERA with a 5-3 record in 14 starts.

Guthrie’s ERA increased every season after that, but it wasn’t his pitching that made him a favorite here in Kansas City. No, what made Jeremy Guthrie so popular was that he was always so fired up to be a part of this team. Even when the Royals were still losers, Guthrie always seemed to be excited to be a Kansas City Royal, and that’s pretty cool.

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He also really cares about the fans here. The other day, Guthrie tweeted asking if anyone wanted to be his catching partner. He and a guy who agreed to it met at a park, and it just seems like Jeremy Guthrie is a really awesome guy.

Yes, Guthrie had a bad season in 2015, which is weird to think about when you consider that he was the Royals’ starter in Game 7 of the World Series in 2014, but he was vital to this team’s success last season.

Guthrie had one historically bad start in 2015 and after that, it became evident he wouldn’t be a member of this team after 2015. His one bad start, in case you forgot, saw him give up 11 runs in less than two innings on Memorial Day against the New York Yankees.

Guthrie poked some fun at himself for that, though, which is another reason why he was popular in Kansas City. He acknowledged his mistakes.

So yes, while the Jeremy Guthrie era is over in Kansas City, KC Royals fans will never forget Guthrie or what he brought to this team. He always was amped up and ready to go, even when he wasn’t on the team’s roster this past postseason.

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It’ll be tough to find anyone to replace what Jeremy Guthrie brought to this team. He may not have been a stud on the mound, but the guy brought leadership and a veteran voice to this young Kansas City Royals squad.

He had a huge hand in helping our boys in blue get to the World Series in back to back seasons, and getting their second title in franchise history.

I honestly could see him being a part of the organization once he retires from pitching.

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Best of luck J-Guts, wherever you end up!