KC Royals News: The All-Star Story That Will Not Go Away


KC Royals news this week consists of — you guessed it — the All-Star game. 

It all started with KC Royals manager Ned Yost.

He didn’t earn his all-star spot through a vote, instead he was named manager because he led Kansas City to the World Series last year.

It was a great thing for a team that figured to have at least two or three all-stars this season. However, as all Royals’ fans know, when the first votes were tallied, Kansas City had five all-stars on the starting roster.

It created a little bit of a buzz, but it wasn’t until the second time votes were tallied, when seven Royals found themselves in the projected lineup, that the nation started to take notice.

Once the third round of voting was announced, and eight Royals and Mike Trout were in the lineup, it became the top story in baseball.

Monday, after there were so many hot takes the internet nearly burned up, MLB fans voted for Miguel Cabrera who has temporarily overtaken Eric Hosmer at first base.

However, Royals’ fans (and maybe others) took the #VoteOmar hashtag seriously, as one of the least-productive second baseman in the AL, Omar Infante, increased his lead to roughly 500,000 votes over second place Jose Altuve.

Infante must have appreciated all the all-star love, because he is batting over .400 during the past week.

Oh, and the Royals are 40-27 and in first place. That’s pretty worthy news too.

Here’s what’s going on around Fansided.com.

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"After a difficult few weeks, the Kansas City Royals had the luxury of facing two last place teams struggling to get out of their own way. Both the Milwaukee Brewers and the Boston Red Sox were facing the Royals at a time when the boys in blue needed to right the ship themselves. This seemed to be the perfect time for that to happen."

Kansas City Royals: Resurgence For Alex Rios [Kings of Kauffman]

"Remember the disappointment when Alex Rios was hit by the pitch that put him on the shelf for more than a month? Kansas City Royals fans were outraged that yet another player – and one who was on fire at the plate – had been drilled by a pitcher. Rios, at the time, had a .321/.345/.464 (.809 OPS) slash line and fans were excited to have such an upgrade over 2014’s right fielder, Nori Aoki."

KC Royals: Five Worst Royals All-Star Selections [KC Kingdom]

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"With all the recent debate over the appropriateness of Kansas City Royals fans stuffing the ballot box and the significance (or lack thereof) of fans voting for the All-Star Game starting lineups, I still find myself having to take a step back and remember that the discussion here is about too many Royals getting voted into the All-Star Game."

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"A quick look at the latest American League all-star voting."

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"This is a blog post published on Bless You Boys, and as the author states in the title: The MLB All-Star voting page can be hacked!Here’s the thing: This hack never happened. This title is false. I have a lot of experience in web development and programming, and when I read the article I knew the author hadn’t done what he claimed. I took the time to investigate it further, and what I found actually made me more confidence that the KC voting turnout is real and valid."

Royals’ Hosmer Falls Behind Tigers’ Cabrera In Latest AL All-Star Voting [Fox Sports]

"The American League All-Star balloting updates have the Royals’ manager anticipating each Monday afternoon, when he finds out how many of his own players could be in his starting lineup for July 14 in Cincinnati. The most recent results revealed Monday afternoon had seven Royals in the AL’s starting lineup, down from eight a week ago."

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