Kansas City Royals: Will Wade Davis Make The All-Star Team


Wade Davis of the Kansas City Royals knows how to throw a baseball.

In fact, he’s done it so well in 2015, he’s been near perfect. The starter turned cyborg set-up man has given up a run this year. A run.

That gives him an ERA smaller than the percentage of base runners who are successful attempting to steal against Salvador Perez.

It’s 0.35 to be exact, and the only reason it isn’t 0.00 is due to incompetent umpires on the field, and in New York.

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Davis has to be an all-star this year, right?

Oakland’s Sean Doolittle made it last season and he finished with a 2.73 ERA. Minnesota’s Glen Perkins had an ERA north of three last season, and he made the team.

Sure they are closers, but find me a team who doesn’t improve if they add Davis, and I’ll take you to a pot of gold while riding a unicorn.

Here’s a look at the numbers from Davis’ last season and a half. Despite finishing eighth in the CY Young voting last year, Davis was left off the roster. If he has these numbers and fails to make the all-star team two years in a row, something is simply wrong.

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The unfortunate thing is, he might not.

As amazing as you as Royals fans have been, stuffing ballot boxes to the tune of seven KC starters at this point, could come back to haunt Davis.

With the antiquated rule that each team must have at least one representative, the fact the Royals have so many will effectively eat up some of those spots.

Teams with little talent still have to produce an all-star, and it will be hard to choose Davis to occupy another spot when they are limited, and the Royals are already represented in droves.

Except, they have one thing going for them.

Ned Yost.

You probably never thought that sentence would be typed, but the much-maligned, 2014 AL Pennant winning manager and his staff are tasked with filling out the final roster spots.

Let me tell you, all-star managers are notorious for choosing “their” guys. Davis could be chosen by his peers and other managers to occupy one of the initial pitching spots, but if not, Yost could add him to complete the roster.

If he doesn’t select Davis, Don Wakamatsu might become the new Royals manager, because the current one may have to go in to hiding.

Royals fans, you know how valuable Davis is, and that he deserves a spot. Sure, your voting may be what caused the predicament in the first place, but you are trusting your manager, the one most of you wanted fired before Perez saved his keister, to do the right thing, and that is for Davis to earn his first all-star nod.

In the grand scheme of things, it won’t matter.  I mean, there is a possibility Omar Infante and his league-worst OPS start for the AL team. The game already features players who don’t deserve to be there, but Davis does.

Hopefully he’ll be on the hill in Cincinnati next month representing the American League’s best team.

If not, you know where to find Ned Yost.

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