2015 NFL Mock Draft: KC Chiefs Focused On Offense

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Overall I was able to have a relatively balanced draft with six offensive players taken and four defensive players. I drafted all six of the offensive players in the first seven picks for the Chiefs.

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I believe that we are a consistent offensive and some defensive depth away from being a serious threat in not only the AFC West, but also in the playoffs.

I doubled up on wide receiver in the first round with Green-Beckham and Tyler Lockett to pair with the wide receivers currently on the Chiefs roster including Jeremy Maclin, Jason Avant, and Albert Wilson.

I was able to select a center, offensive tackle, and guard that I think could really contribute either immediately or develop into a player that can contribute in the future.

I took a risk on a few players that have had character issues including Green-Beckham and Nick Marshall, but the KC Chiefs are a team with a great players coach and a solid core of leaders that can control the locker room and mentor young players.

I was disappointed that I was unable to draft a inside linebacker until late in the draft, but nobody was available in a position that I felt comfortable taking them in. I went into the draft with inside linebacker as one of the highest priorities so that was the worst part of my draft in my eyes.

I was very satisfied with the run of offensive players I was able to come away with, and the potential of the defensive players that I took late in the draft.

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