Signing Wade Davis is such a KC Royals thing to do

The KC Royals signed Wade Davis to a one-year deal and these are the kinds of moves that Royals fans have grown used to over the years. 

Wade Davis was a dominant setup man and closer for the Kansas City Royals before he was traded to the Cubs prior to the 2017 season. Davis had a good season with Chicago in 2017 before inking a three-year deal worth $52 million with the Colorado Rockies where the wheels fell off pretty fast for WadeBot.

Some might look at Davis’ numbers during his three seasons with the Rockies and wonder “Why did the Royals sign him?” and the answer is pretty simple. It’s a low-risk, high-reward kind of contract for the Royals and they LOVE those kinds of deals.

The Kansas City Royals, especially since Dayton Moore took over as the general manager in 2006, have been known to make moves like these. They like to sign players who look to be “washed up” and see if those players have anything left in the tank, and guess what? It’s panned out for them quite frequently throughout the years.

One such example of this is Greg Holland, who was the Royals’ closer during their 2014 World Series berth and also throughout half of 2015 before getting injured. Holland pitched for the Rockies, Nationals, Cardinals, and Diamondbacks before coming back to Kansas City in 2020. He pitched well for his former team in the shortened 2020 season and ended up re-signing with the team for the 2021 season.

The KC Royals’ signing of Wade Davis might not turn into anything, but it’s worth a shot.

Davis was signed to a minor league deal and there are incentives if he makes the major league squad. The worst thing that happens for the Royals with this deal is that Davis doesn’t pitch well. The best thing that can happen is he performs really well and either plays a role in helping them contend this season or performing well enough that the Royals could trade him for prospects.

There really isn’t anything bad about Davis’ deal and that’s why it’s a good move for the Royals. Fans have grown accustomed to Moore and the Royals bringing in players who don’t look to have much in the tank and seeing if they have anything left, and Davis is the next example of such.

Hopefully, Wade Davis can show something in 2021, but if he doesn’t, the Royals don’t lose out on much. They also are helping out a former player who meant so much to this organization and the fans, so it’s most definitely a win-win for both sides.