KC Chiefs: Five things we learned in week one win vs Jaguars

Wide receiver Sammy Watkins #14 of the Kansas City Chiefs (Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images)
Wide receiver Sammy Watkins #14 of the Kansas City Chiefs (Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images) /

KC Chiefs football is back and the good guys started out the season with a win. Due to “technical difficulties”, fans didn’t get to see the last seven minutes. That being said, a win is a win and the Chiefs looked just like they did last season.

What did we learn about the Kansas City Chiefs (and in some cases – their opposition) in their 40-26 victory over the Jacksonville Jaguars in week one? Let’s take a look.

Jags defense playing dirty

The Chiefs had issues with the Jaguars defense last year bullying them around and here it comes again. While the hit on Patrick Mahomes was a good hit, the one on Tyreek Hill wasn’t. Jalen Ramsey decided to plant Hill on the sideline shoulder-first and that hit took Hill out of the game.  Ramsey was going to have issues with covering Hill out in that heat.

Late in the second quarter, there was an incident in the end zone where Sammy Watkins was trying to help Myles Jack up and after some scuffling, Jack decided to take a swing that wound up getting him ejected. I have no issues with a defense playing rough, but some of those hits were just not needed.

If these two teams end up meeting in the playoffs in January, things could get ugly.

Sammy Watkins looking good

Sammy Watkins had himself a day with  198 yards and three touchdowns after everything was said and done. Watkins was always one of the most dynamic receivers in the league, but health was the main issue.

Now with Hill out, Watkins is showing that playmaking ability he showed in college and early on in his career, when healthy. The Chiefs are going to have to lean on Watkins if Hill is out for significant time.

Shady still has it

The rumors of LeSean McCoy‘s demise were greatly exaggerated. He looked fantastic out there even in his limited role. His vision and speed were on full display Sunday afternoon and is another piece in a loaded offense.

It’s going to be really fun to watch him develop in this offense over the course of the season. He finished the game with 93 total yards (81 rushing) and no touchdowns, but looked solid out there in his limited snaps. This just goes to show that maybe the issues were in Buffalo and not him.

Defense looked alright

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This defense was always going to be a work in progress early on in the season. This was among the leagues worst units last season and there are a lot of new pieces and coaches. That being said, they looked fine out there.

Their gameplan got dealt a blow when Nick Foles broke his collarbone and rookie Gardner Minshew was their starter for most of the preseason. The Chiefs did well with what they were given and a lof the Jaguars yards were on shorter play, although there were several blown coverages.

The fact that the Chiefs only gave up 26 points is an improvement over last season already.  The run defense looked a lot better and Frank Clark even had a pick, even though none of us could see it due to the power outage.

To really gauge the defense, give it a few more weeks for everything to start gelling.

The Chiefs are Super Bowl Contenders

The Chiefs had a lot against them in this game and they still came out on top. The Jaguars will have one of the top defenses when the season is done and the Chiefs still dropped 40 on them.  This was all with losing Hill to a questionable hit and Mahomes dealing with a bad ankle.

The defense looked far better than it did last season and that will only make the Chiefs better.  There are things that the Chiefs have to work on, but luckily the Raiders aren’t going to be near the challenge the Jaguars were.

All things considered, the Kansas City Chiefs are going to contend for, if not win, the Super Bowl this year.  Chiefs fans, we have a good team and it is time to have some fun.