Mizzou Football: Will Drew Lock be the number pick in 2019 NFL Draft

Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images
Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images /

Mizzou football quarterback Drew Lock takes the reins of  Derek Dooley’s new offense as he looks to become the first overall pick in next year’s NFL Draft.

Since the 2018 NFL Draft has come and gone, this seems like the perfect time to fire up our crystal ball one last time before we pack it away for another year. The 2019 draft looks to be a very different affair from this year’s addition. It also may hold excellent news for the pride of Lee’s Summit, quarterback for Mizzou football, Drew Lock.

This year featured the most quarterbacks taken in the first round since 1999. It also was one short of 1983, the “year of the quarterback,” when six signal-callers were selected in Round 1. This year’s crop is hoping to replicate the success of that class, which had 11 Super Bowl starts between them.

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Next year should be the year of the big man, with as many as 16 offensive tackles, defensive tackles, and defensive ends perhaps getting the call. So, where does that leave Drew Lock? Is he the first quarterback taken? Maybe the first player even? The answer to both of these questions is, “It depends on him.”

It depends on how Lock adjusts to new offensive coordinator Derek Dooley’s pro-style offense. Though Lock led the nation in touchdown passes in Josh Heupel’s offense, he didn’t have the chance to make all the throws that NFL teams require.

Heupel built his offense around the receivers reading the coverage and adjusting their routes accordingly. Dooley, on the other hand, uses the much more traditional receiver route tree favored by NFL squads.

It also depends on how Lock does with taking snaps from under center. During his three years at Lee’s Summit and his three years at Mizzou, he has worked exclusively in the shotgun formation. Being under center will take some adjustment, and NFL teams will be watching closely.

Will he be the first quarterback taken? Almost certainly. If he puts up similar numbers to last year. 2017 put him on the NFL radar. Now he just has to stay there. If not, Justin Herbert of Oregon, Jarrett Stidham from Auburn, or West Virginia field general, Will Grier, will be looking to claim that honor.

So, if Lock puts up huge numbers in 2018, will he be the number one overall? Once again, it depends.

Of the seven teams that are currently the longest shot to win it all, four of them, Cleveland, Jets, Bills, and Cardinals found themselves taking a quarterback in the first round this year. Miami and Cincinnati will definitely be ready to upgrade the quarterback position.  The final team, Chicago, will have to decide about Mitchell Trubisky.

So, barring a complete collapse or significant injury, Lock will hear his name called on the first day. He’s got the NFL size. He’s got the big arm. And by all accounts, he’s a good kid who’s very coachable.

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Many factors will determine his draft fate. Some are beyond his control. What he CAN control is how he adjusts to Dooley’s new offense. My prediction? He adjusts very well and goes 1-1 to the 3-13 Miami Dolphins. You heard it here first.