KC Chiefs considered second best in past five drafts

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The New York Post had an article on the best and worst teams when it comes to the NFL Draft over the last five years. The KC Chiefs were ranked second best.

It’s draft season and that means not only are we analyzing what the Kansas City Chiefs are going to do THIS year, but we also tend to look back and analyze what they’ve done in years past as well.   Brian Costello of The New York Post tackled that issue last Friday, ranking every team from best to worst on their draft picks over the last five years.

The rankings were based on how many games the draft picks have played in, awards they’ve won (Pro Bowls included), and how good the team itself has been during that five-year span. With all of those things taken into account, the Kansas City Chiefs were ranked second on this list.

"Browns fans should be happy to see the Chiefs so high. Their new GM, John Dorsey, was in charge of all of these drafts. The 2015 draft landed five starters, and the pick of Tyreek Hill in the 2016 sixth round was a home run."

Seeing the Chiefs ranked this high and knowing that John Dorsey was fired last summer still seems a little odd. We all know by now, however, that Dorsey was more than likely fired for his horrible cap problems, rather than his ability to find good players in the draft.

Each entry also listed the team’s best pick and the team’s worst pick during those five years. Costello said Kansas City’s best pick was Marcus Peters and their worst pick was Eric Fisher.

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Peters isn’t even on the team anymore and Fisher was a part of a horrid draft class. Had the Chiefs had the number one overall pick any other year, they’d surely have gone quarterback there. Instead, they were forced to go best player available and it’s pretty telling as to how bad the draft class was if Fisher was indeed the best player that year.

Dorsey was great at finding talent late in the draft however. Costello mentioned in the quoted paragraph above that Tyreek Hill was a “home run” pick (even though he was a fifth round pick, not a sixth rounder, but he’s not a local writer so I don’t expect him to know that). Hill would have been a first round pick had that 2016 draft been redone today.

KC Chiefs fans obviously hope that Brett Veach has the same eye for talent that John Dorsey did while in Kansas City. Veach has already had an impressive tenure so far as the general manager and if he can continue to find steals in this year’s draft, the Chiefs will continue to roll for sure.

As for the rest of the list, the Cowboys were the only team ahead of the Chiefs. The Vikings, Rams, and Raiders rounded out the top five while the Chargers came in at 12th and the Broncos were ranked 30th (LOL).

This just goes to show everyone that the Chiefs really are good when it comes to drafting players, but obviously everyone is going to have a bust or two on their hands. The Chiefs just happened to have the number one overall pick in a year where there was no one good to take in that spot. Otherwise, it might be a bit tougher to pinpoint the “worst drafted player” over the last five years.