KC Chiefs: Potential positions that could be addressed with first pick

Kansas Defensive end Dorance Armstrong Jr. (Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images)
Kansas Defensive end Dorance Armstrong Jr. (Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images) /
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Using their first pick on a quarterback might seem crazy, but just consider the situation for a moment. This time last year, Chiefs fans had no idea that Kansas City would end up drafting Patrick Mahomes.

It seemed a bit crazy moving that far up and giving up so much to get him, but knowing that he would sit for a year brought a sigh of relief. Alex Smith, Tyler Bray, and Pat Mahomes were the names then. Now, that list looks a lot different.

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Mahomes is the obvious number one after seeing the confidence that Andy Reid and company have put in him. Chiefs Kingdom should be optimistically confident knowing that he spend a year behind a great mentor, he’s an incredible talent, and he put together a nice win in Denver at the end of the season.

The Chiefs still need to see more of him in meaningful games, but with a talented surrounding cast and good coaching Mahomes has a great shot to succeed. What if he goes down to injury though? Chad Henne? Matt McGloin? No disrespect to those guys, but there’s not much confidence in those options. Andy Reid typically carries four quarterbacks into training camp. Is drafting one a good insurance policy?

There are obviously the big names: Sam Darnold, Josh Rosen, Josh Allen, Baker Mayfield, but the Chiefs aren’€™t looking for a potential number one quarterback. A talented second stringer might be found in Oklahoma State’€™s Mason Rudolph. He’s a big quarterback that has the ability to throw the ball deep and with Kansas City’s very fast receiving corps that’s big plus.

Rudolph might be a good selection to provide decent insurance for Mahomes and if he becomes a little more polished maybe he could become trade bait in a few years. Much like the tight end position, it’€™s not likely that the Chiefs will use number 54 to pick a quarterback, but Chiefs Kingdom also didn’t think they’d use the tenth overall pick last year to get one either.