Kansas City Chiefs: Madden Simulation for Week 2 Vs Eagles

Kansas City Chiefs QB Alex Smith. (Photo by Hunter Martin/Philadelphia Eagles/Getty Images)
Kansas City Chiefs QB Alex Smith. (Photo by Hunter Martin/Philadelphia Eagles/Getty Images) /

The Kansas City Chiefs will host the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday for their second game of the season. Both teams are 1-0, defeating respectable opponents in their season openers. What did Madden predict for this one?

Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid will take on his old team in week two of the 2017 season and the emotions will be running high. If what Madden predicts comes true, this game will be a close one that will literally come down to the final seconds.

Before we dive into the results of the Chiefs/Eagles simulation, let’s take a look at last week’s simulation and see how well ol’ Madden held up. Week one’s simulation had the Patriots winning comfortably by a score of 38-27. As we all know, of course, that didn’t happen.

Madden did get a small part of the final score right, but it was the losing team’s amount of points scored. The Chiefs won their season opener 42-27 and sent the Patriots fans home crying (well, probably not… they do have two Super Bowls in the last three years). No one gave the Chiefs a chance yet they came out victorious with the odds stacked against them.

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Last week’s simulation predicted Tom Brady to go off with four touchdowns and over 300 yards and for Alex Smith to have a traditional Alex Smith game. Instead, the stats were flip flopped with Smith dominating on the gridiron, throwing for over 300 yards and four touchdowns while Brady threw for over 260 with no touchdowns. Who would have thunk it?

Now that the gloating is out of the way, let’s take a look at what crazy things Madden came up with for the Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles simulation!



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Wow, there’s a lot to take in there! First, the Chiefs appear to be their own worst enemy in this one, basically having the game handed to them, but still coming up short.

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If Carson Wentz throws three picks and the Chiefs still go on to lose, that’d be incredibly disappointing. Those are the types of games where the Chiefs really rally and dominate.

It would, however, be a very Chiefs-like thing to do to win in New England and then lose to the less scary Eagles. The Chiefs did manage to score a touchdown in the final seconds, but failed to convert on the two-point attempt, which gave the Eagles the win.

It looks like Alex Smith is still pushing the ball down the field better, throwing for more than he’s used to and tossing for multiple scores. He was also intercepted twice in this game, but it looks like he gets Travis Kelce heavily involved, which is a good thing.

Tyreek Hill not being featured is concerning. Did the Eagles do a good job of covering him? Did he get hurt early on? Did Chris Conley just show up and become the receiver we all hoped he’d be two years ago? We’ll have to wait and see on Sunday.

Kareem Hunt continues his dominance, finding the end zone on a pass from Smith. There’s a lot to like about this kid.

It’d be disappointing to see the game actually turn out like this. No one likes to come up just short of the victory and with the Chiefs needing to win as many of these “too close to call games” as possible, this loss could really kill them down the stretch.

What do you think of this Madden sim, Chiefs fans? Are you buying into it or are you saying “No way!”?