Kansas City Chiefs: Travis Kelce is face of Chiefs organization

Kansas City Chiefs Travis Kelce (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)
Kansas City Chiefs Travis Kelce (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images) /

There are a lot of popular players in the NFL, but the Kansas City Chiefs typically don’t have one of those heavily marketed guys on their team. Is Travis Kelce becoming that franchise player for the Chiefs?

When the Sunday Night Football theme song started rolling during the Cowboys/Giants game, I was a little surprised to see that the Kansas City Chiefs actually had a player FEATURED in the opening montage. Normally this is the NFL’s chance to shove guys like Antonio Brown, Von Miller, and Russell Wilson down our throats.

Now I’m not knocking those guys because they’re all very good players, but the Chiefs typically aren’t grouped in with the likes of them. On Sunday night, however, we saw just that happen, as Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce was apart of the opening montage.

When looking at the Chiefs roster, we all know who the fan favorites are here in Kansas City, but the rest of the nation doesn’t care as much. Casual NFL fans who don’t follow the Chiefs likely know about Kelce, Eric Berry, Tyreek Hill (for the wrong reasons), Marcus Peters, and Alex Smith just because he’s the quarterback.

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It’s evident now, however, that Travis Kelce is the marquee player out of Kansas City, and I’m okay with that. Kelce is just what the Kansas City Chiefs organization needs, as he provides that fun and entertaining player that every team wants to have.

Kelce made headlines a year ago when he was the star of his own reality show. He then continued to turn heads during the season with both his performance and some of his stupid actions on the field. Kelce became a household name and that’s not something the Chiefs have really had in a long time.

People love Eric Berry for his story, but the safety position just isn’t as exciting as a position player on offense. Kelce sees the football come his way a lot during games and therefore, he’s able to make plays, get into the end zone, and people remember that a lot more than what the safety position does.

The Chiefs need Travis Kelce to continue being interesting because it’s bringing a whole new level of hype for this team. When was the last time the Chiefs even had a player in the Sunday Night Football opening montage? I can’t even remember to be honest with you.

I sure hope Travis Kelce becomes the next big thing in the NFL and that he continues to be the face of the Kansas City Chiefs. I just bought his jersey recently and it’d be nice not to have to find a new player to invest for awhile.

What do you think, Chiefs fans? Is Travis Kelce “the guy” in Kansas City?