Kansas City Royals: 2017 Season Is On The Line Vs Twins

Kansas City Royals Mike Moustakas. (Photo by Duane Burleson/Getty Images)
Kansas City Royals Mike Moustakas. (Photo by Duane Burleson/Getty Images) /

The Kansas City Royals are still in the thick of things, despite this season not going entirely as we had all expected it to go.

I’ll admit, it took me almost until the 11:59 deadline on Wednesday night to make up my mind to purchase Kansas City Royals playoff tickets. The Royals have been such an enigma this season that it made the decision harder than what it should have been.

The Royals offered signs of encouragement in their 13-2 win over the Detroit Tigers on Wednesday. While already up 6-2 in the eighth inning with one runner on, the Royals put on a hit and run. They were not content to simply take their 6-2 lead into the ninth inning and decided to pour on seven more runs.

This was encouraging because it shows a steely resolve by our offense to not fade into obscurity. With the impending departure of so many big names to free agency after this season, these guys realize this could be the final ride together.

Before the game started on Wednesday, the Kansas City Royals trailed in the Wild Card Standings for the second spot by just three games. More importantly than the number of games they trail by is how many teams are in front of them.

There were five teams in front of them last night. As of this writing, they are now two and a half games behind Minnesota with only three teams between now. The Orioles, who are one of the teams in front, lost to the Yankees. That helps the Royals case for another playoff push.

Big Weekend Series, Crazy Playoff Implications

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The Royals start a four-game set against the Minnesota Twins. This could be a series that makes or breaks the Royals postseason dreams.  This is why the number of teams in front of the Royals is so important.

If the Royals were just trailing the Twins, they’d have a chance to take the second Wild Card spot back.  The Royals, if they sweep the Twins, still have the chance, but they are going to need some help. The Angels and Rangers both need to lose.

The Yankees could help the Royals significantly this weekend by beating both the Orioles and Rangers. Seattle (one game back from the Royals) who are in the thick of the race will face off against the Angels. That could help the Royals as well, but the Boys in Blue also need to take care of business on their end.

Kansas City, show up this weekend.

I know it’s been a tough year, even before the season with the loss of Yordano Ventura. This team plays so well when the foundation at the K is about to crumble from noise. Not only do they play better, but opponents make mistakes because they can’t hear.

For evidence, Alcides Escobar lead off in the park home run during the World Series in 2015. The K needs to be absolutely rocking for this series against Minnesota. Be loud, be proud, and help these guys go on a run. I’ll be out there three of four games, hope to see you all as well!