Kansas City Chiefs should make a move on Jarvis Landry

The Kansas City Chiefs should go after Jarvis Landry #14 of the Miami Dolphins (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)
The Kansas City Chiefs should go after Jarvis Landry #14 of the Miami Dolphins (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images) /

The Kansas City Chiefs need help at wide receiver, and would be smart to call the Dolphins about Jarvis Landry who doesn’t appear to be in Miami’s future plans.

I don’t know that I can say I’ve ever felt confident in the Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver situation. For whatever reason, the Chiefs simply do not excel when it comes to that position. Given the current status of the receivers, it would be smart for KC to add some talent. Believe it or not, Miami’s Jarvis Landry might just be available.

It is a complete surprise to me, but apparently the Dolphins really just don’t have any interest in keeping Landry around. The team has already handed out a big contract to Kenny Stills, and they are supposedly pretty high on former 1st round pick DeVante Parker. However, a report came out yesterday that Miami had not even offered a new contract to Landry.

Set to be a free agent at the end of this year, Jarvis Landry has already made it clear that he has no intentions of talking about a contract during the regular season. If the Dolphins truly have not even made an offer at this point, you have to wonder if they ever intend to. At the very least, they would have to be willing to listen to an offer.

More Promise Than Production

On the other end of the spectrum, the Chiefs have no one on their roster with four or more years experience in the NFL. They have no one who has ever caught 600 yards in a season before. There isn’t anyone on the roster who can be defined as a #1 receiver at this point in their career.

Sure, there is plenty of reason to be excited about the potential of Tyreek HIll. Last season, Hill showed that he had the skill set to be a quality player on the outside. However, he still has a long ways to go before he is actually at that point.

Apart from Tyreek Hill, there really isn’t anyone to get excited about. Chris Conley improved last year, but still struggled. Albert Wilson doesn’t inspire much fear in anyone. Demarcus Robinson didn’t see a single pass all year. Jehu Chesson is likely going to be a project for much of his rookie season.

Changing The Outlook

Over the past couple of months, analysts from all over the spectrum have been giving their opinions on the Chiefs. At this point, the consensus is that there is no consensus. In fact, it seems to be an almost even split on what the pundits think Kansas City will do this year.

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Adding a playmaker like Jarvis Landry will absolutely change the scope of things. First off, Landry is a big play machine. That is sure to get a lot of people on board just at a glimpse. Secondly, he is actually a perfect fit for the Chiefs offense. Landry has the ability to catch and run with the ball, which is how the KC offense works.

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Jarvis Landry’s skill set is a very good fit for Alex Smith. Screens, quick slants and out patterns that will get Landry into space are what Smith does best. From there, Landry can use his top level speed and athleticism to make something happen. It really is an ideal fit.

At What Cost?

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Of course, nothing comes free in the NFL. The Kansas City Chiefs will have to make an offer that is worthwhile to the Dolphins. Fortunately, the Chiefs do have some options. There are always draft picks that can be used. On top of that, KC has a plethora of running backs, offensive linemen, and defensive linemen. Something is sure to catch Miami’s eye.

The good news for the Chiefs on this is that the Dolphins can’t hold out for a king’s ransom. With training camps about to start, every team has already locked in their plan for the season. So there is no desperation to make a move, and there will likely not be much of a market for Landry right now.

On top of that, Jarvis Landry is just going to be a one-year rental for whoever gets him. Without long-term control, nobody is going to offer up as much as the Dolphins could have normally gotten for him. That allows the Chiefs to set a hard cap on what they’re willing to give up, and Miami will have to decide if they want to get something for Landry or just let him walk next year.

The ball is in the Chiefs court though. No moves will happen unless Kansas City reaches out and decides to get aggressive for the 2017 NFL season.

The Kansas City Chiefs have one of the best rosters in the NFL this year. However, there are still areas of concern where the Chiefs could look to make an upgrade. One of those areas is definitely in the wide receiver corps. Fortunately there are some options available. Surprisingly, it looks as though Jarvis Landry is one of those options.