Kansas City Chiefs: Evan Silva has no faith in 2017 Chiefs

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The Kansas City Chiefs took a bit of an online beating from Evan Silva earlier this week, who picked the Chiefs to win under nine games. Could he be onto something?

This Kansas City Chiefs offseason has been an interesting one and now that can used as ammunition as to why the team might not do as well in 2017. Evan Silva of RotoWorld tweeted that he “loves” the under for the Chiefs in the 2017 as far as odds go.

Chiefs fans are used to analysts doubting their team, but it seems a bit odd to pick the Chiefs to do poorly since not a whole lot has changed on the field for this squad. The key pieces are all still there and Justin Houston might actually be healthy this season. That’s a huge factor for this team moving forward.

Still though, Evan Silva made his point(s) with his tweet he sent out on Saturday.

Let’s dive right into this, shall we? While I agree that the offense isn’t great, the rest of these really don’t seem relevant. The schedule looks scary now, but we see every year that good teams from a season ago take a step back (which the Cowboys and Giants both very well could do this year). Personally, I’d have said that the Chiefs are in the toughest division and that’s a reason why they could struggle.

The obvious organizational dysfunction shouldn’t affect the team on the field. If nothing else, John Dorsey being gone might actually fuel the players a bit more with the way he handled the release of Jeremy Maclin.

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The quarterback point should only happen if something happens to Alex Smith like an injury. I don’t see him playing badly enough to the point where he gets benched in favor of Patrick Mahomes. Mahomes is a project and will be sitting on the sidelines this year while Smith leads the charge.

As I mentioned earlier, the offense will probably struggle. Smith had some bad games last year and now the Chiefs don’t have a true number one wide out, which is troubling. Travis Kelce can only do so much with the football and he’ll surely be double teamed a good chunk of the time. Smith will have to continue to spread the football around.

It’s been an odd offseason for Kansas City Chiefs fans, but this team is virtually the same as they were a season ago. That season saw them win 12 games and earn their first division title since 2010. Oh yeah, and they SWEPT their division, which was the toughest in the entire league!

There are a lot of reasons to be optimistic for this team. Evan Silva picking the under though isn’t entirely crazy though. This offseason has been shaky and with no true wide receiver and Smith being in what could be the final year of his Chiefs career, things could get dramatic this season.

Hopefully this team can stay competitive and make it to the playoffs again.