Kansas City Chiefs: The Chiefs Have the Components For a Superstar Backfield

Kansas City Chiefs receiver Tyreek Hill. Mandatory Credit: Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports
Kansas City Chiefs receiver Tyreek Hill. Mandatory Credit: Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports /

One of the best plays that the Kansas City Chiefs had in their playbook last season was the use of Tyreek Hill on the field. Hill may have not always gotten the ball, but his defensive magnet was an important piece to the offense.

Imagine this: the Kansas City Chiefs line up on offense, Tyreek Hill on the right, and Kareem Hunt behind the line slotted in as running back. Hill draws the defense to the right with his potential playmaking skills, but the Chiefs instead pitch it left to open green for the featured back Kareem Hunt.

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The point is that an actual playmaking running back has the chance to completely change the offensive scenario at Kansas City. With Hill already a versatile playmaker on the offense, if Hunt can play to his potential then it could stymie any opponent’s defense. Of course any part of this largely depends on the performance of Kareem Hunt as well as Tyreek Hill.

Kareem Hunt was selected as a third round pick for the hope of being a future running back for the Chiefs. The significance of his presence on the team marks the future John Dorsey is striving for. With plenty of offensive rookies that have become great playmakers, the future of the Chiefs has most likely been the brightest ever.

So how does a newly drafted running back open up Andy Reid’s playbook? Well, one play in particular has me especially excited among others. Jet sweeps, option plays and other trick plays could see a whole new level of creativity. Reid can balance the two counterparts of offensive power in Hill and Hunt to reach the end zone easily.

Recently, the backfield has been a weakness as of the 2016 season, but now a return to specialized running plays is imminent. If what I think should happen does and Kareem Hunt gets the starting running back position, then Arrowhead Stadium could feature track meets instead of football games.

The true excitement that the next years hold should be the pinnacle of Dorsey’s career at Kansas City and defined by what they hold. One thing is for sure is that this team is starting to look more and more like a Super Bowl team. With the new pickups and the already great players on the team the Chiefs could be on the way to dynamic offenses and a superstar backfield. Maybe as soon as next season.