KC Chiefs: Drafting Quarterback Signifies Andy Reid and John Dorsey Here to Stay

Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports /

KC Chiefs head coach Andy Reid and general manager John Dorsey were both in the final year of their contracts. Some thought that the first round of this draft might send a message as to their future plans, and well… It did. A good message.

In 2013, the Kansas City Chiefs inked both Andy Reid and John Dorsey to five year contracts, keeping them with the organization through the 2017 season. Here we are now, four seasons later and neither man has received an extension.

Heading into this draft, the first round had a lot of questions to answer for both of these guys. If the Chiefs drafted the best available player, as they often do, it’d show that Reid and Dorsey are wanting to be a Super Bowl contender RIGHT NOW and that they’re going all in for 2017.

If, however, the Chiefs opted to go a different route, say drafting quarterback Patrick Mahomes with the tenth overall pick, then it showed they were both invested in the future of this franchise. Not only did the Chiefs land Mahomes at pick number ten, but they actually traded up to get him.

Before these two guys arrived, the Chiefs were always in rebuilding mode.

It was reported that the war room got a little intense because Dorsey and Reid both knew several other teams were interested in Mahomes and that’s the guy they wanted to be the future of the Kansas City Chiefs.

With Mahomes coming to Kansas City and likely not playing in 2017, this shows that Dorsey and Reid are planning to be with the Chiefs organization for awhile. Not only that, but they also picked up a young running back by the name of Kareem Hunt to be the eventual stud at the position for the Chiefs.

In other words, Dorsey and Reid are keeping the Chiefs as winners for the next several years. No one should be surprised when these two ink extensions sometime before the 2017 season begins.

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Before these two guys arrived, the Chiefs were always in rebuilding mode. They’d fail at getting quarterbacks, which without a good quarterback, you can’t win the NFL. At least not in the current age.

The Chiefs floundered with guys like Matt Cassel, Brodie Croyle, Damon Huard, Brady Quinn, and Tyler Thigpen. They never took chances on first round quarterbacks and they paid the ultimate price as a result.

Since Reid and Dorsey have come to Kansas City though, the Chiefs have put themselves in the best position available when it comes to their quarterback. When they both first got here, Alex Smith was the best quarterback available out of free agency and there were no quarterbacks worth taking with the number one overall pick that year. Smith, as a result, has spent four seasons with the Chiefs and led them to winning seasons each year.

Now, Dorsey and Reid have added arguably the best quarterback prospect from the 2017 NFL Draft to the KC Chiefs’ roster in Patrick Mahomes. He’s not ready to play yet, but when he does, this Chiefs team will continue to be winners down the stretch.

Be thankful for Andy Reid and John Dorsey, Chiefs Kingdom. They’ve completely changed this organization for the better.