Kansas City Chiefs: Patriots Now Even More Clear Favorites in AFC

The KC Chiefs already have a rare chance of making it to the AFC Championship Game next season - Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports
The KC Chiefs already have a rare chance of making it to the AFC Championship Game next season - Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports /

The Kansas City Chiefs haven’t made a lot of moves in free agency and fans actually assume that means the team is in good shape. With all of the moves the Patriots have made, however, it doesn’t look like anyone can beat them.

No matter what happens, it just always seems like the New England Patriots are getting stronger every day. It’s a classic case of the rich getting richer, and that’s what’s happening yet again this offseason, as the Patriots have really beefed up their squad.

In just a day, the Patriots went from being the favorite in the AFC to being the obvious, no brainer favorite in the AFC. Seriously. No one else even comes close to what New England has on the table for 2017.

To sum up, the Pats made some moves on Friday.

First, they traded a second-round pick to the Carolina Panthers for defender Kony Ealy and a third-round pick. That particular swapping of draft picks moved New England back not far from their original selection in round two.

The second big move made by New England was acquiring Brandin Cooks from the New Orleans Saints for a first-round pick. Cooks wasn’t happy in New Orleans and it was rumored all season long that he’d likely get shipped off somewhere.

So in two foul swoops (is that an expression?), the Patriots landed a guy who would have won Super Bowl 50 MVP had the Panthers won in Kony Ealy and an electric wide receiver who is everything Tom Brady ever dreamed of.

Oh, and not to mention, the Cleveland Browns could still give up a king’s ransom in order to acquire New England’s backup quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo. Yeah, this could go from being a slight advantage over other teams to being a varsity team facing off against JV teams.

I don’t see how the Patriots won’t win the AFC Championship Game next season. I know it’s silly to look that far ahead, but they’re so far ahead of any other team in the conference. It’s insane.

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Now onto the KC Chiefs part of this post and that’s that I’m growing more and more worried about their chances of succeeding in 2017. The Chiefs had a great 2016 regular season, winning the division for the first time in six seasons and clinching the two-seed in the AFC playoffs.

The playoffs themselves, however, ended in disappointment yet again for Chiefs fans, as the team was out after one game. They’d likely have gotten crushed in the AFC Championship Game and that was with the Patriots barely having any receivers and only one healthy tight end.

At this rate, I wouldn’t be shocked if the Pats tried to trade for Travis Kelce and just make their roster the best ever to play in the NFL. Hopefully that doesn’t happen, but it sure looks like the Patriots are trying to get to every Super Bowl until Brady decides to hang up the cleats.

With the look of their roster after these trades, that’s not a farfetched statement at all.

As long as Tom Brady is the quarterback in New England, other teams in the AFC are already at a disadvantage. Now, however, the team is clearly building to remain strong even after Brady retires. This could be a team that just never goes away.

Good luck to the Kansas City Chiefs and the rest of the AFC. You’re going to need it if you want to get to a Super Bowl any time soon.