KC Royals: Fans Can Receive Custom Video on Smartphones This Season

KC Royals fans - Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports
KC Royals fans - Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports /

A new partnership between Major League Baseball and 15 Seconds of Fame will allow KC Royals fans to use the 15SOF app and receive customized video of themselves. This adds another element to the game experience at Kauffman Stadium for the 2017 season.

Fans who download the 15SOF app on their Android or iOS devices and create a profile prior to attending games at Kauffman will be the potential subjects of camera shots during Kansas City Royals television broadcasts. Those shots which feature registered 15SOF app users will be captured and then sent to the appropriate fans who were included in the broadcast.

How 15SOF Technology Identifies and Sends Videos to Fans

According to 15SOF CEO Brett Joshpe, 15SOF uses facial recognition software and much more which is unique to 15SOF’s brand.

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  • "“Our proprietary solution involves much more than just facial recognition, which would be insufficient in and of itself to sort, process, vet, clip and accurately deliver the content in real time during an event,” Joshpe said. “We do have a world-wide exclusive with one of the industry leaders in facial recognition and have built our own customized best-in-breed engine. However, we utilize a variety of proprietary processes and algorithms and have developed and acquired IP that comprises our solution and creates barriers to entry.”"

    Making the deal even better for fans is that there is no cost to download the app, set up a profile or receive videos.

    "“Consumers do not pay for any of our services currently,” Joshpe added. “The business model is one where licensors or sponsors pay us because of the value we add to fans’ experiences and the way in which that enables brands to uniquely connect with consumers in a way never before possible. Fans take this content home with them, share it on social media with friends and family because they are excited, proud, and nostalgic about it, and then they keep it forever.”"

    While end-users currently don’t pay for 15SOF’s services, the value of what the company delivers has already drawn attention from companies wishing to associate their brand with the content.

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    "“We piloted our sponsorship program this past fall with the Arizona Cardinals and it was extremely successful.” Joshpe explained. “Going forward, much of our content will be sponsored, and we are talking to top-shelf, Class A brands. We are also talking to many regional, growing brands that see this as an incredible platform to penetrate some of the best sports and entertainment properties in the world, while connecting with fans in the most unique, meaningful, personal and lasting way.”"

    While fans who are pictured in KC Royals television broadcasts will be able to receive videos, there is one aspect of the full potential relationship with 15SOF that is not currently in utilization at Kauffman Stadium. Video on the jumbotron at Kauffman Stadium has not yet been integrated into the system, though that’s a situation that Joshpe hopes will change soon.

    "“We have had discussions with the Royals and absolutely hope to partner with them for this coming season and beyond,” Joshpe stated."

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    When the jumbotron is added to the content captured during Royals broadcasts, there will be even more reason for fans to not only attend games at Kauffman Stadium, but do whatever it takes to get on camera during the games. For Royals fans like the young man in the video below, those moments can now stay with them and be shared forever.