KC Royals News: Eric Hosmer and Arbitration Talk


KC Royals news consists of Eric Hosmer signing a one-year deal and avoiding arbitration. How did the other players up for arbitration fare?

When most people are asked about the Kansas City Royals, there’s one guy that usually comes to mind first. That guy is Eric Hosmer and he’s become the face of the franchise for the Royals.

Hosmer is heading into the final year of his two-year contract before hitting free agency and it appears that he will for sure be spending 2017 donning a Royals uniform. He’s recently signed a one-year deal with the team.

Eric Hosmer’s 2016 campaign was a little bit of a rollercoaster. He slashed .266/.328/.433, which weren’t great numbers, but he did have career highs in both home runs (25) and RBI (104). His hot start during 2016 paved the way for him making it to his first All-Star Game, where he hit a home run and continued to crush Mets fans. Good times.

Danny Duffy and Kelvin Herrera are the other guys facing arbitration. It’s been reported as of Friday evening that Duffy filed for $8 million and the Royals have filed for $7.25 million while Herrera filed for $5.6 million with the Royals filing for $5.05 million.

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"General manager Dayton Moore has long been optimistic the Royals will be able to sign their homegrown star to a long-term deal. But the problem is Kansas City also has several other mainstays who are eligible for free agency this fall, and the small-market club likely cannot keep all of them"

The Kansas City Royals are facing an interesting season in 2017 with several players being traded away and new guys coming in. Keeping Eric Hosmer and not trading him is good for the team and hopefully he’s here past the 2017 season.

It’d be great to see the KC Royals lock Hosmer up to a long-term deal eventually, but fans should prepare for the possibility of him departing in free agency this offseason.

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As for the other two guys, I wouldn’t worry too much about the situation. Dayton Moore has yet to have to go to arbitration with a player, so I’m sure deals will get done with both Duffy and Herrera. Hell, maybe we’ll see an extension offered to Duffy in the coming weeks.

With arbitration talk out there, it just reminds fans that we’re getting even closer to spring training! I, for one, cannot wait.