KC Chiefs: De’Anthony Thomas Should Not Be Cut


The KC Chiefs have to trim their roster down in the next few days, and De’Anthony Thomas is thought to be a goner. He deserves to stay with the team though.

Last season was weird for De’Anthony Thomas. He played in ten games, but then disappeared for the rest of the season after sustaining a concussion.

Things got even weirder as the season went on. Rumors swirled about the speedster possibly retiring and more rumors appeared that the Chiefs were considering trading him this past offseason.

When all of the dust settled, De’Anthony Thomas was in training camp this summer and he’s looked pretty good in the preseason games so far.

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Sure, preseason can be considered worthless to some, but Thomas has shown that he still has talent. The reason he’s probably going to be cut is because the Chiefs picked up Tyreek Hill in the draft this past year, and Hill’s even faster than Thomas.

I’d be on board with the KC Chiefs making the decision to get rid of Hill and keep Thomas. People might get irritated with me for that, but I don’t care.

Thomas had a rough go of it last year, but he wants to be in Kansas City and has shown that he’s still a player worth keeping around. He’s also a high character guy and one that hasn’t caused problems during his career.

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Hill, on the other hand, was a controversial pick for the team. If you don’t know the back story, Hill choked his pregnant girlfriend and was dismissed from Oklahoma State. He finished his college years with Western Alabama and the Chiefs selected him in the fifth round of the draft.

This pick was one that caused many Kansas City Chiefs fans to be furious with the team, and for good reason. You want your team to bring on high quality guys, and Hill has proven that he isn’t that. He might be fast, but Hill really hasn’t shown that he’s any better than Thomas during the preseason.

In fact, Thomas has looked better than Hill despite less opportunities to showcase himself. Thomas had four receptions for 45 yards in Thursday’s preseason game while Hill had zero receptions all night.

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While I understand the Kansas City Chiefs’ skepticism of Thomas after last year’s weirdness, he deserves another shot. He’s still a fast guy and can be that great punt returner that we all expected when the team took him in the draft two years ago.

What do you think, Chiefs Kingdom? Should the Chiefs give De’Anthony Thomas another try or is it too late for the former Oregon Duck?