KC Chiefs: Bold Predictions Have Chiefs Making AFC Championship


The KC Chiefs have the talent to go the distance this season, but some are still calling it a “bold prediction” for them to make it far. Is it really a bold prediction to say the Chiefs can make it to the AFC Championship Game?

The Kansas City Chiefs hadn’t had much luck in the playoffs for about… Well, 22 years. They just won their first playoff game since 1994 (the 1993 season) and people are still on the fence about picking them to be a true contender.

That’s why Erik Lambert of NFL Mocks made his bold prediction for the Kansas City Chiefs for them to make it to the AFC Championship game.

Lambert writes,

"This team has its identity. Andy Reid has created a well-balanced machine that can stop opponents, run the ball regardless of who they hand it to and feature a quarterback who may not feature much flash but is utterly consistent at protecting the football."

He has a point.

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The Chiefs are certainly posting one of the best rosters that they’ve had in a long time, but the question is… Can they compete with the big boys?

In years past, the Chiefs have beat up on weaker opponents, but then faltered when it came time to play the true contenders (i.e. the Broncos). They laid the smackdown on the Patriots a few seasons ago, but that game was at home on Monday Night Football. When they faced them in the playoffs this year, they played sloppy football and didn’t look like themselves.

Frankly, I think the Chiefs have a very good chance of being one of the best teams in the NFL this year. The reason I think Lambert lists this as a bold prediction is because the KC Chiefs haven’t been to the AFC Championship since 1994.

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A good example of this would be how everyone seems to think the Raiders are playoff bound this year (including Lambert, who picked them to win the AFC West).

My biggest knock on the Oakland Raiders this year is that they haven’t experienced winning in 14 seasons? Why do we expect them to shake that now? It’s the same thing with the Chiefs. They haven’t been successful in the playoffs, so it’s easy to assume they’ll choke again.

"Denver doesn’t look like the strong team they were last year. Depending on what happens with Justin Houston and his health, the Chiefs will have their first shot at a Super Bowl since 1993."

It’s certainly possible that Kansas City could be the team to beat in the AFC this year. They have a great defense and an underrated offense, which could end up being their secret weapon.

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The only thing standing in the Kansas City Chiefs’ way en route to a Super Bowl is themselves. This really shouldn’t be a bold prediction, as the Chiefs have the potential to be a fantastic team in 2016, but it’s a bold prediction because they’ve proven they crack under pressure.

It is worth pointing out, however, that Lambert also predicts that the Bengals will permanently start A.J. McCarron over Andy Dalton and that Melvin Gordon will outrush Todd Gurley, so take these bold predictions with a grain of salt.

What do you think, Chiefs Kingdom? Is Kansas City being in the AFC Championship game a “bold prediction” or do you think it’s entirely possible?