KC Chiefs News: Justin Houston Overreactions


Today’s KC Chiefs news focuses on all of the speculation surrounding the Justin Houston knee injury.

Earlier this week, news broke that KC Chiefs’ outside linebacker Justin Houston had ACL surgery and could miss 6-12 months of action.

When this news broke, there was wild speculation that the Chiefs’ star pass-rusher may miss the whole season. As the sky was falling everywhere in Chiefs’ kingdom, there is reason to be optimistic about an early return.

ACL injuries just aren’t as restrictive as they once were. While tearing one at the begging of the season is going to derail a player’s season, Justin Houston is far away from the beginning of the season.

He had his ACL surgery back in February which leaves six full months until August arrives. While he may not be fully ready to go after six months, it’s just too soon to write off his entire season.

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While it’s not the same sport and doesn’t require the same amount of running, two pitchers came back from ‘season ending’ knee injuries in the same season in 2015.

Marcus Stroman tore his ACL in March of 2015 and was up and pitching by September. Adam Wainwright tore his Achilles tendon and was also pitching for the Cardinals by season’s end.

In a closer proximity, Jamaal Charles tore his ACL in Early October of 2015. Only four months later, Jamaal Charles was recorded jumping rope and doing balance drills and looked in better shape than most people without knee injuries.

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It’s way too early in the season, or even the off-season to worry about Houston missing the whole season.

If the first game of the year rolls around and he’s still not practicing then it could be time to start panicking a little bit. There is good news though if he can’t play.

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Dee Ford came around a little bat last year and maybe he’ll step up and be worthy of that first-round draft pick. The Chiefs also have time to try and convert Ramik Wilson or D.J. Alexander to the outside and see if they can help fill that roll.

Well, what do you think KC Chiefs’ fans? Do you think he’ll miss the season? Is it way too early to tell? Let me know your thoughts in the comments’ section below.