KC Royals News: The Window Of Opportunity


KC Royals News is focused on the Royals and their window of opportunity. While it appears to be wide open for now, how long will it be until it comes crashing down?

There has been a lot of talk recently about the KC Royals and how long they would be able to remain competitive. They are coming off their second playoff appearance and second World Series appearance in as many years.

With the bulk of their core set to leave in 2017, it would appear the Royals have two more years to try and bring home another trophy before things start to look a little rocky again. It’s not fun to think about, but it is a scenario that will eventually face this team and every contender for that matter.

Looking at the division winners dating back to 1994 when the league expanded into six divisions, there are only five teams that have won their divisions in four or more consecutive years. While it may seem like the Cardinals are an obvious choice for one of those teams, they’ve never accomplished that feat.

11 teams won at least three division titles in a row, and a staggering 23 teams won their division in back to back seasons. What that seems to indicate is that even good teams, the perennial contenders, operate under some sort of window of contention.

Here’s the good news where the Royals are concerned. If they are operating under a window of opportunity, they’ve already seized the biggest prize they can. Everything from here on out is gravy.

Of the 23 teams to win their division at least two consecutive seasons only five have won the whole thing.

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If the Royals can lock up their division in 2016, they’ll become just the sixth team to win the World Series in their ‘window of opportunity’.

Just how long that ‘window’ remains open is yet to be determined, but for now the Royals should have at least two more solid years of baseball in front of them.

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The Royals appear to be in fine shape at least for the next two seasons.

They are coming off a season that saw them achieve the ultimate goal. They proved their doubters wrong and won back a fan base that had become restless and disenfranchised. They retained most of their core and brought back living Royals’ legend Alex Gordon for four more years. All is well in Kansas City where baseball is concerned.

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There is a lot to be said about teams playing under the confines of a ‘window of opportunity’ and unfortunately the Royals are no different. While they could rattle off winning seasons for the next ten years, it’s important not to get lost in the speculation of what’s to come.

The Royals are World Champions. Enjoy the ride for as long as it lasts and bask in the fact that the Royals have won more World Series in the past 30 years than big market teams like: The Tigers, The Dodgers and The Cubs.

Is there a ‘window of contention’? Most likely. But it’s not something that anyone should worry about in the immediate future.

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What do you think KC Royals’ fans? Is there a ‘window of opportunity’? Is a ‘window of contention’ just a bunch of naysayers being cautiously optimistic? Let me know your thoughts on the KC Royals and their ‘window of contention’ in the comments’ section below.