KC Royals Stick With Forever Royal Motto

Nov 3, 2015; Kansas City, MO, USA; A general view of Kansas City Royals fans - Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports
Nov 3, 2015; Kansas City, MO, USA; A general view of Kansas City Royals fans - Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports /

The 2015 version of the KC Royals came up with a motto: ‘Forever Royal’. It’s a motto they’ve kept for 2016, but why?

When the KC Royals unveiled their motto in 2015, they already felt like royalty. A team that had become known as a perpetual underdog breathed hope back into a city.

Royals’ fans had waited 29 years for meaningful October baseball. On September 30th, 2014 the Royals played their first playoff game since 1985. It didn’t go as well as everyone could’ve hope. It went better.

The Royals put together one of the most dramatic come from behind wins in playoff history. They scraped and clawed their way back from a four run deficit as fans in the stadium and at home lost their minds.

Salvador Perez stood at the plate having gone hit-less in his first five at-bats. He had struck out twice and looked incredibly shaky for the bulk of the game. With two outs and winning run on second, Perez took a swing at another pitch that was out of the zone. The swing wasn’t pretty, but the result helped heal a city in need of something to cheer for.

All of a sudden, the once hapless Royals were a team on a mission. They swept the top two teams in the American League as they shocked the baseball world. They became America’s team as studies showed the entire country was pulling for the boys in blue.

When the Royals wound up losing to the Giants, it seemed like an injustice had been done. In spite of coming so close and falling just short, the fans let the Royals know just how much that season had meant. When the Mets lost in 2015, few fans stuck around. Royals’ fans felt something besides self pity and remorse.

The Royals and manager Ned Yost showed up the next day to thank the fans. It did seem like the fans and the Royals played off each other throughout the playoffs that year. When the Royals seemed down, the fans were able to rally them back into the game. When the fans were out of it, the Royals brought them back into it.

There was a love affair in Kansas City. It was between the fans and the team. The team felt like it had let the city and it’s fans down. The fans felt like they were already royalty.

From the time that season ended to the beginning of 2015, Royals’ fans waited as patiently as possible for baseball to begin. When the Royals announced their 2015 motto to the fans with a Super Bowl commercial, they captured what all of the fans already felt.

The Royals took it upon themselves to deliver to the city what they had come so close to delivering only a year before. They announced to the world before it ever occurred, that they were ‘Forever Royal’.

They played like it from day one. They didn’t just try and win. They left little doubt who the best team in the American League was. They also had a lot of fun along the way.

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Salvador Perez and his post-game ice shower became a staple for the Royals in 2015. Win after win, Perez found a way to soak the game’s MVP and often times Joel Goldberg as well.

This time around, the Royals weren’t going to come up short. They regaled fans with another incredible comeback down four runs in a game. They showed speed, something they’d done a year before, when Lorenzo Cain chugged his way from first base to home on a single by Eric Hosmer.

The World Series was a roller-coaster ride from game one. Alex Gordon delivered a home run that will forever resonate in Kansas City sport’s lore. In perhaps a bizarre case of foreshadowing Ted Berg of ftw.usatoday.com posted an article quoting Daniel Murphy:

"In a famous and frequently retold anecdote from his time at the school, Murphy and his teammates were asked to introduce themselves by name and defensive position at their first team meeting. “I’m Daniel Murphy,” Murphy said, “and I bat third.”The quote captures Murphy perfectly: While a confident, capable and studious hitter, he spent much of the early part of his career shuffling between positions and committing costly miscues seemingly wherever the Mets thought to put him."

The Royals brought home a championship for the first time in 30 years. The players celebrated as did their fans back home. When the Royals came to Kansas City for the parade, people showed up in droves to be with their team.

The good feelings haven’t died off and people are still looking forward to Royals’ baseball. When the Royals announced that their motto wasn’t changing for the 2016 season, it seemed even more perfect. This time, it doesn’t just feel like the Royals are royalty. This time they are wearing the crown.

The interaction with their fans isn’t going away anytime soon. They proved that with the newest of their flashy billboards that contains their ‘Forever Royal’ motto. This billboard gives their fans an opportunity to be the MVP for the Royals with some unique photo opportunities.

They put out the 2016 TV campaign before this years Super Bowl and it didn’t disappoint.

The video for this Royals isn’t about coming close but falling short. This year it’s about defending the crown they earned. This time it’s about trying to build a dynasty. Not just as a team, but with the entire city united.

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The Royals and this baseball team have meant so much more to so many people than a simple game of throw and catch. It’s a symbol that hard work, dedication, and believing in something bigger than yourself can bring about something incredible.

People are generally happy these days in Kansas City. The Royals recent success has had a lot to do with that. With any luck, there will be plenty more good feelings ahead as the Royals are about to embark upon another season that should see them contend.

Gone are the days when Royals’ fans say things like ‘There is always next year’. The Royals are good right now. They’re not just good at playing baseball. They’re good at being a team. They’re good at loving their fans. Enjoy every moment and make as many good memories as you can.

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What do you think KC Royals fans? Are you excited about the continuation of the ‘Forever Royal’ motto? What does this team mean to you and your loved ones? Let me know in the comments’ section below.