KC Royals: Game Two Is A Must-Win


The Kansas City Royals lost to the Houston Astros 5-2 Thursday night.

Right from the start, the Astros were able to jump on the KC Royals. They took a 2-0 start in the first with a couple of ground out RBI, and the next inning second baseman Jose Altuve was able to get an RBI single. Shoot. That’s a 3-0 hole in the top of the second inning.

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The only two Kansas City Royals runs came from two Kendrys Morales home runs. Although it was and impressive display by Morales, single-run homers aren’t going to win you games by themselves. If the Royals just had one guy on base for one of those, it’s a totally different game.

It is completely unacceptable that five different Kansas City players went hitless last night. You can’t win games when that happens.

There were some positives from this loss, however.

The Royals made that big trade to acquire Cueto, and now it’s time to see if they got what they bargained for.

Pitcher Chris Young came in and got six strikeouts after a rain delay, and Morales drilled two home runs. That wasn’t enough, and the inefficient bats proved deadly for the KC Royals.

Now they are down 0-1 in a five-game series. It is way too early, and I mean way too early, to count this team out.

Needless to say, tomorrow’s game is huge. If the KC Royals can’t figure out how to win that one, you might just kiss the season goodbye. They would be traveling to Houston down 0-2, so let’s not let that happen.

Coming into Game Two, the Royals need more production from their bats. You can’t win games when only one guy accounts for all the RBI and runs scored. Also, Kansas City cannot get off to a slow start.

Starting pitcher Johnny Cueto needs to come out firing, and the top of the lineup needs to get it going early.

The Royals made that big trade to acquire Cueto, and now it’s time to see if  they got what they bargained for.

Be ready for Game Two, KC Royals fans. It is the first must-win game of the season. The bats need to be swinging, Cueto needs to be throwing fire and the bullpen needs to preserve the score.

The pressure is on, and the Astros better be ready to see what this Royals team is made of. These Kansas City Royals know what it takes. Time to step on the gas.

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