Kansas City Royals: No Need To Panic


Over the weekend, the Kansas City Royals got swept by the Chicago White Sox. This was the first time that the Royals had lost a series since early August, been swept in a series since July, and been swept at home this season.

Many Royals fans seem to be already panicking, and that shouldn’t be the case. Even though yesterday was another bad outing by pitching ace Johnny Cueto, there is no reason for concern.

All of those stats about how the Kansas City Royals haven’t lost the way they have this season shouldn’t alarm anyone. Those stats should actually make fans feel good about KC in a weird way. They show us how consistent the Royals have been playing all season and how it’s quite amazing that they are hitting one of their first slumps of the season.

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Keep in mind that the Royals own an 82-54 record, which still makes them the best team in the American League by four games and the division leader by 12. That is why teams have to win as many games as possible because cold streaks are going to happen.

Everyone is human and will have a few days here and there when they just don’t have the magic touch. The Royals won so many games earlier this year that losing three of them shouldn’t matter at all in the standings.

When I sit and think about this three-game skid, I actually think it is a good thing.

Wouldn’t you rather have the losing streak during early September and not the middle of the playoffs? That would be way worse of a scenario because losing three straight in the playoffs means you are either going home or just about to go home.

So yeah, this whole streak is actually kind of a good thing when you really think about it.

When it is all said and done; fans tend to put too much of an emphasis on small losing streaks.

Of course, when I look at social media people are already saying the trade for Johnny Cueto was the worst trade the Royals could’ve made. Chill.

Aren’t you guys the same people who praised him when he had that four-hit complete game shutout?

Also, the people who say Cueto needs to go were also the same people who said Yordano Ventura needed to go earlier this season. Look where Ventura is now, on fire in five straight starts.

Cueto will sort all of it out and be back to his regular form by the time the playoffs start.

When it is all said and done, fans tend to put too much of an emphasis on small losing streaks. Don’t lose trust in the Royals, they have done way to many good things over the past year for people to start saying they have lost it, or that Dayton Moore made a bad trade.

If anything, we should applaud the White Sox. They went out and beat the best team in the American League on the road. They deserve respect.

Certain days are just not the Royals days, and I’m glad those days are behind us and we can get back to winning.

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