KC Royals: Keeping Alex Gordon Will Be Tough


Alex Gordon has become the face of the KC Royals franchise, especially last year during the team’s incredible postseason run that took them all the way to Game 7 of the World Series. Gordon, however, will be tough for the Royals to keep past this season.

Gordon has an option available for next season, but according to Andy McCullough of The Kansas City Star many are expecting Gordo to decline the option and hit the free agency market. Not a good thing for the Kansas City Royals at all.

If Gordon does indeed decline the option, then he’ll be available for any team to snatch up even if the Royals do offer him the biggest deal in franchise history. Gordon will be a hot commodity among the free agent community and according to MLB Trade Rumors, Gordon could be deserving of up to $100 million. JEEZ.

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  • "Gordon’s 2015 season looks a lot like his 2014, but with more walks and HBPs sprinkled in. He may not strike you as a superstar, but Gordon is probably the game’s best left fielder right now. One team might be willing to go well over $100MM for his perceived dependability."

    At this point, it’s really starting to sink in that Alex Gordon very well could be moving on from his days in a Kansas City Royals uniform after this season wraps up. That’ll be tough for a lot of Royals fans, as Alex has been one of the favorites here since coming up to the big leagues in 2007. He’s been a staple for the organization, especially on defense. Remember that time he jumped into the stands in Chicago to catch a foul ball? What a time.

    It might still be too early to start thinking about this, but it’s definitely going to be in the back of most KC Royals fans’ minds as the season progresses. The longer talks are avoided, the likelier it is that Gordo is taking off from KC.

    If I had to make a prediction, I would say that the Royals will probably offer Gordo a fairly hefty deal, but another organization will up the ante, and Dayton Moore and company won’t be able to go any higher for a left fielder that’s in his early 30s.

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    A few weeks back, I covered this situation, but more from a “Holy crap if Gordo and Alex Rios leave next season, WHO DO WE HAVE LEFT IN THE OUTFIELD?!” perspective. Sure, Lorenzo Cain will be back, but who would jump in at left field? You just can’t replace Alex Gordon’s abilities on defense. The dude is the best left fielder in the game right now.

    Some things to consider, as McCullough mentioned in his article, Gordon is still feeling some pain in his wrist. That could affect the free agent market, but judging from some of his defensive plays and his nine home runs this season, Gordo looks to be bouncing back just fine.

    Obviously I want Alex Gordon to stay a Royal, but it might be tough for Moore to justify shelling out that much money for a guy that’s likely going to regress soon. There are a lot of decisions to be made as the season progresses, but I don’t know, man, seeing Gordon in another team’s uniform would be downright weird.

    What do you think Royals fans? How much would you want the Royals to spend in order to keep Alex Gordon in Kansas City?

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