KC Chiefs: Ten Worst Starters In Past Ten Years

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Barry Richardson #67 of the Kansas City Chiefs (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)

By now you’re probably very angry about this article because it’s reminding you of the worst starters to ever don a KC Chiefs uniform. Well, tough it out because we’ve got two more awful players left! Hooray!

Barry Richardson was a sixth round pick by the Chiefs in 2008 and didn’t see much starting time until his third year in the league. That year saw Richardson starting all 16 games (as he did the following two seasons as well), but that wasn’t necessarily a good thing for the Chiefs.

Not only was Richardson a crappy addition along the offensive line, but he was a bit of a hot head. In a game against the Broncos in 2010, Richardson received two penalties and was benched by Todd Haley as a result. Richardson then threw a temper tantrum on the sideline, which consisted of him shoving special teams coach Steve Hoffman. Classy bro.

It’s just embarrassing to see any player behave like that, but it’s even worse when it’s a guy from your own team.

Not only was Richardson a crappy addition along the offensive line, but he was a bit of a hot head.

I remember watching Chiefs games every week with my family and my oldest brother would rag on Richardson week after week for missing blocks and allowing sacks. Whenever the announcer would say it was due to Richardson, my brother would be like, “I knew it was Richardson! Get him out of there!” (My brother also felt this way about Eric Warfield for what it’s worth).

Richardson remained with the Chiefs until the 2011 season and then went on to play for the Rams and the Lions. He is no longer in the league.

I doubt a lot of casual Chiefs fans even remember Barry Richardson and maybe that’s a good thing. I wish I could forget that he was ever a starter in Kansas City, but alas, here he is as one of the worst starters in the past ten years.

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