KC Chiefs: Ten Worst Starters In Past Ten Years

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Quarterback Brady Quinn #9 of the Kansas City Chiefs (Photo by Matt Sullivan/Getty Images)

I’m sure a lot of you are thinking this is an unfair selection due to the fact that 2012 was a historically bad season for the Kansas City Chiefs. I don’t care though, as Brady Quinn was downright awful during his lone season in Kansas City. I recently ranked Quinn as the fifth worst starting quarterback in Chiefs history.

The year was 2012, and Brady Quinn was signed to the Chiefs’ roster to back up Matt Cassel. At that point in his career, Quinn was already being labeled as a bust after being drafted by the Cleveland Browns 22nd overall in 2007 and going 3-9 as their starter.

After three seasons in Cleveland, the Brady Quinn Show was over, and he was traded to the Denver Broncos for Peyton Hilliswho ironically enough was also on the Chiefs’ 2012 roster. Life is funny sometimes.

After two seasons of backing up Kyle Orton and Tim Tebow, Quinn’s days were over in Denver and he came to Kansas City in 2012 (as I mentioned above).

Yes, the 2012 season was a rough one for Kansas City, but Quinn didn’t help the situation. In eight starts, Quinn only threw two touchdown passes (both being in the same game) and eight interceptions. Not only that, but he was sacked 21 times in ten total games. Quinn ended his Chiefs career with a 1-7 record.

The one shining moment for Brady Quinn in a Chiefs uniform was in the one victory he was able to bring home. It was a day after one of the roughest days in Kansas City Chiefs history, and Quinn was able to play like a franchise quarterback with over 200 yards passing and two touchdowns (his only two of the season). I’m pretty sure Quinn had the best fantasy football stats for a quarterback that week, something that probably didn’t happen much in his career.

The good quarterback play from Quinn resulted in a 27-21 victory over the Carolina Panthers, and came at a time when the Kansas City Chiefs organization needed something positive. Quinn actually won the AFC Player of the Week for his efforts in that game (Link courtesy of Michael David Smith of Pro Football Talk).

That game aside though, Quinn was terrible. He continues to bounce around the league, having spent time with the Seahawks, Jets, Rams, and Dolphins, but not playing in a single regular season game for any of those teams.

It might seem like a stretch putting Quinn on this list, but watching him play in 2012 was painful. I am a dedicated fan so I support my teams in good times and in bad, but I (along with all of the Chiefs fans who stuck around during 2012) deserve a medal for that season. I would turn the game on each week, watch the first half, and then proceed to cry myself to sleep that night. Not really, but you get the idea. It was brutal.

Quinn isn’t nearly as bad as guys like Croyle or Tyler Palko, but he was still bad enough to make this list.

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