KC Chiefs: Ten Worst Starters In Past Ten Years

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Ryan Sims #90 of the Kansas City Chiefs (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)

Barely qualifying for this list (his last start with Kansas City was in 2006) is one of the biggest draft busts in not only Chiefs history, but in the history of the NFL. His name is Ryan Sims.

The year was 2000 and the Chiefs held the sixth overall pick in that year’s draft and opted to select North Carolina Tarheel defensive tackle Ryan Sims. The Chiefs passed on guys like Dwight Freeney, Albert Haynesworth, and John Henderson to take Sims, and judging from the way I listed those guys off, you know it was a bad pick.

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Sims started 36 games (appearing in 59 total) and just never played like a first round pick should play. Over his five seasons in Kansas City, Sims had one interception, one fumble, two defended passes, and five sacks. Reiterating how bad those are… Sims had TWO turnovers throughout the span of five years. That’s not good in case you were wondering.

Sims was later traded to Tampa Bay where he spent four seasons and continued to look like a bust. He has not played in the NFL since the 2010 season.

Sims is easily up there with not only one of the biggest draft busts in Chiefs history, but one of the worst players in Chiefs history. If you want some advice, don’t look at who else was available in that draft when the Chiefs were on the clock. It’ll only make things worse.

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