KC Royals News: All-Star Saga Continues


KC Royals news is all over the place this week. After a mini-slump the Royals are back in first place, but they also lead the all-star voting — and not everyone likes it. The team has started to sign its draft picks, and its once embattled manager is about to make team history.

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After an early June slump dropped the KC Royals behind the Minnesota Twins in the American League Central, they now have won six of eight and moved back to the top of the AL.

Despite having that record, not every Royal regular is the best at his position, but you wouldn’t know that from the all-star voting.

KC fans are voting like bots, and if it ended today, eight Royals would be starting in the game. It has angered some fans, and even players, who think it’s taking advantage of the system, but if they don’t like it Ned Yost said they can vote more for their guys.

Speaking of the Royals manager, he is on the verge of setting the record for most wins in team history. With two more victories, he will have 411 and pass Dick Howser for the No. 1 spot.

From old school to new school, the Royals drafted 41 players in last week’s amateur draft. As of now, they’ve signed 28 to contracts.

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Kansas City Royals Open Letter To Baseball Fans [Kings of Kauffman]

"Dear Baseball Fans,First, let us begin by thanking you for the outpouring of support last October. Back then, when the Kansas City Royals were that plucky baseball team that did not know they did not belong in the postseason, they became the darlings of baseball. Their run through the American League was delightful, and when the Royals fell one game short of winning the World Series, we appreciated that commiseration."

KC Royals: Ned Yost Four Wins From Royals History [KC Kingdom]

"Ned Yost is not the most successful manager in KC Royals history.That title belongs to the late Dick Howser.Whitey Herzog is the most celebrated manager to lead the Royals, but he had most of his success in St. Louis.Sometime this week or next however, Yost will become the all-time winningest manager in Royals team history."

Kansas City Royals Facing Crossroads To 2015 Season [Kings of Kauffman]

"The Kansas City Royals find themselves at an important juncture of the 2015 season. While they still lead the American League Central by 1.5 games over the Twins, the KC Royals face challenges with both their offense and their starting pitching."

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Everyone Needs To Calm Down About All-Star Voting [Royals Review]

"There has been a lot of pearl-clutching the last few weeks over Royals fans assaulting the All-Star ballot box with an onslaught of online votes. The result has been eight Royals leading their respective position in All-Star balloting (sorry Alex Rios!). The reactions have ranged from enthusiasm from Royals fans to amusement from other fans who think the system is broken anyway to downright outrage by some fans and writers over the alleged disgrace."

Royals Don’t Apologize For All-Star 8 [USA Today]

"The country fell in love with these adorable Kansas City Royals last year, stealing our hearts with their improbable run to the World Series, ending that ugly 29-year playoff drought."

Royals Sign 27 Draft Picks, Announce Idaho Falls Roster [Royals Review]

"The Royals announced today they have signed 27 draft picks, all college players, including third-round outfielder Anderson Miller."

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