KC Chiefs News: Upcoming Season and Good Defense


KC Chiefs news this morning focuses on the Chiefs’ upcoming season and on how good the the team’s defense might be in 2015. 

The KC Chiefs have a reputation for having a great defense. With guys like Justin Houston (fingers crossed), Tamba Hali, Derrick Johnson, Dontari Poe, and Sean Smith on the field, opposing offenses should be afraid to face the Chiefs’ defense each and every week.

Not only do those guys pose huge threats to opposing teams, but Kansas City added Marcus Peters in the first round in the draft and also Steven Nelson in the third round. These two cornerbacks will be able to add depth to the secondary for several years to come.

Speaking of the defense, fans are hoping to see Justin Houston when mandatory minicamp begins, but it doesn’t seem likely for former third round pick out of Georgia in 2011. With a month to go before the team needs to have Houston signed to a long-term deal, fans are starting to sweat a little bit. Kansas City really needs to get Houston signed to a deal he’s happy with and one that won’t completely break the bank.

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KC Chiefs: Five Most Overrated Chiefs For 2015 [KC Kingdom]

"There are also some members of the Chiefs’ roster that are more “bark” than “bite”. Whether it be the fact they have more experience or just had one really good season, there are some players who just don’t live up to the hype."

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"The rest of the KC roster can stack up with any other team in the AFC. The offensive line is the one spot where I’m genuinely worried. I keep reading articles and comments about how the line will be better this season and how the Chiefs invested in fixing the line this offseason and I just shake my head. They let their best lineman leave, added one good player in Grubbs, and drafted Mitch Morse in the 2nd round (and he may not even play)."

KC Chiefs: Alex Smith Will Lead Winning Offense [KC Kingdom]

"This is Alex Smith and the Kansas City Chiefs’ year to prove that they mean business. If they can win the division and a playoff game, it’d be huge for this organization and for the fans. It’d mean the Chiefs have finally evolved into the explosive football team we all know they are."

Kansas City Chiefs: NFL’s best defense? [Arrowhead Addict]

"What will improve the already potent pass defense, however, is the improvement to the secondary. In 2014, only Sean Smith could stake a claim to being top quality in his position. Husain Abdullah and Ron Parker (when played at safety) are good in coverage but do not possess the skills of an Earl Thomas or Eric Berry."

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Justin Houston not expected at Kansas City Chiefs mandatory minicamp [Arrowhead Pride]

"Sure, it would be nice to have Houston in camp but he did the same thing last year and went off to nearly break the NFL single season sack record. By all accounts, he’s staying in shape so that shouldn’t be a concern. So, he should be fine if and when he returns to the team."

The 4 Biggest Issues Facing the Kansas City Chiefs with OTAs Wrapping Up [Bleacher Report]

"Though the front office made some key moves this offseason, the Chiefs still have a couple of holes on the team that could prove to be liabilities this year."

Latest update on Eric Berry from KC Chiefs head coach Andy Reid [Arrowhead Pride]

"On May 26, Reid was asked how Berry was doing.“Yeah, Eric actually is doing well,” Reid said. “He is going to get his big end-of the school exam done here. So he has been through all of the treatments and now the doctor is going to sit down with him and go over exactly what the results of that are. And so we don’t have that, Eric doesn’t have it quite yet, but everything up to this point has been very positive from the doctor and from Eric, and so I think we’re heading in the right direction with that.”"

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