KC Royals News: All-Star Game Backlash


KC Royals news circulates around the backlash about the amount of Royals players receiving the most votes at their positions in the All-Star Game voting (Thank you MLB.com for the link).

The KC Royals raised a lot of eyebrows when five of their players were named to have the highest amount of votes in their positions. Monday brought an update on the results, and the Royals are still leading the pack.

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The amount of Kansas City Royals voted to the All-Star game shows that Royals fans love this team… and I mean, really love this team. Fans can vote 35 times a day with one email address so obviously KC Royals fans have been taking advantage of that and doing their part to make sure their boys in blue get represented at the big game in July.

There is still a lot of time before the final votes are tallied, but for now, fans of other teams will need to step up and vote if they want to beat out Royals players. Forever Royal is appearing to be a pretty tough slogan for other teams to beat right now.

Here is what Fansided.com is saying.

Kansas City Royals Still Leading All Star Votes [Kings of Kauffman]

"Through some due diligence, a Royals All Star Game seems completely possible. There may be some debate as to how deserving the Royals are of such tremendous accolades, but I can’t see a strong case against any of the Royals’ potential starters when you consider their total contribution: offense, defense, and being just all around amazing guys."

Kansas City Royals: Has The Lesson Been Learned [KC Kingdom]

"Let’s not forget this was barely a Wild Card team last year, and after Sunday’s loss, they’re no longer in first place in the American League Central. It’s no consolation to know that it likely could’ve been avoided with better decision-making."

KC Royals: All-Star Game or All-Star Fraud [KC Kingdom]

"I’m not going to win many friends, and may risk losing some readers by saying this, but stuffing the ballot box isn’t cute or cool. Now that I’ve thoroughly ticked you off, I don’t actually blame you for doing so."

Now check out sites from around the web and what they have to say.

AL All-Star Game Voting Update: Kansas City Royals Dominating Ballot [NESN]

"Royals catcher Salvador Perez remains the AL’s leading vote-getter, compiling 2,681,063 votes as of June 1. Third baseman Mike Moustakas, shortstop Alcides Escobar and outfielders Lorenzo Cain and Alex Gordon also sit atop their respective positions. Los Angeles Angels star Mike Trout currently is sandwiched between Cain and Gordon in the outfield voting."

Get voting, people! Or it’s an all-Royal All-Star Game [Fox Sports]

"That AL-best record has propelled Royals fans to out-vote every other AL team to a ridiculous degree. As it stands today, we’re shockingly close to seeing an AL squad featuring, you guessed it, all Kansas City Royals."

Part II: Get voting, people! Or it’s an all-Royal All-Star Game [Fox Sports]

"We need to double our efforts here, people. Wake up and smell the barbecue. That’s the smell of the Royals taking over the baseball world. As delicious as it smells, don’t you want to see your favorites playing in the Midsummer Classic, too?"

If those last two posts don’t fire you up, I don’t know what will.

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