KC Chiefs: Who Will Make The Top 100 Players Of 2015


The NFL’s annual Top 100 Players countdown began this past week and so far, no KC Chiefs have appeared on the countdown. Last year, the Kansas City Chiefs saw five of their players make appearances and possibly even more will this year.

The Chiefs to make the countdown last year were Jamaal Charles (eighth), Tamba Hali (43rd), Eric Berry (50th), Justin Houston (57th), and Derrick Johnson (64th). Out of those five, we can probably expect to see three of them again in Charles, Hali, and Houston.

Houston should (and likely will) skyrocket on this year’s countdown. I would be somewhat surprised if he didn’t make the top 10, but he’ll be a top 20 ranking for sure. Houston would definitely be deserving of a top 10 spot, as he broke the Kansas City Chiefs’ single season sack record, and is the face of the franchise (despite being at a stand still with contract talks at the moment).

Charles was snubbed last year, only ranking eighth. He’ll likely be the second highest ranked Chief (after Houston obviously), and could fall right outside the top 20. Charles still had a nice season, but Andy Reid‘s negligence to give Charles the ball in many games will drop his stock for sure.

Some newbies we might see on the countdown this year would be tight end Travis Kelce, nose tackle Dontari Poe, and cornerback Sean Smith. I would say center Rodney Hudson could appear, but he’s a dirty Oakland Raider now so it won’t mean as much to fans. Jeremy Maclin will likely show up on the countdown, but it’ll be from his days as a Philadelphia Eagle.

Kelce is a tossup because while he had a great year, he probably would have already appeared on the countdown by now. Poe and Smith still have a shot.

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We can already tell from the early rankings that Alex Smith won’t make it. As much as I like the guy, he’s not going to be ranked higher than the 80s on the countdown. In fact, Smith didn’t even make the countdown after his great year in 2013 so I won’t hold my breath on him appearing this go-around.

The cool thing about the NFL Top 100 Players is that it’s voted on by the players. The guys who play on the field each and every week are the ones picking the top 100, so you know it’s not entirely based on popularity like the Pro Bowl is.

The KC Chiefs didn’t make the postseason in 2014, but they came awfully close and showed that this is a team on the rise for sure.

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